2021 Award Winners: Grand Prize, plus Digital Expert Awards

Wednesday 07-14-2021 14:45

The winners of the Effective Digital Marketing Awards were announced last Friday at an online awards ceremony attended by more than 250 people.

Over the next few days, we will outline the winning campaigns, starting today with the Grand Prix Award and the two Digital Expert Awards …

Big prize
Médecins Sans Frontières UK and Crafted – The COVID-19 appeal
This brilliant campaign also won the Most Effective Pandemic Campaign award. At a time when many traditional fundraising activities weren’t possible due to the pandemic, the charity and agency set themselves ambitious goals of raising £ 1 million from digital channels and £ 3.5 million from all sources.
The campaign used a combination of viewing, press, direct mail, TV, search and social media, including advertising during live broadcasts of UK government press conferences on YouTube. It also involved whitelisting the MSF account to use Coronavirus terms in advertising. Users who had not donated for a 14-day period were redirected to encourage donations.

The campaign broke both of its donation targets, totaling £ 4.4 million in total and ending up as the largest donation driver in MSF history.

Judges’ opinion: “A sophisticated and comprehensive campaign that met all the requirements.”

Digital Expert of the Year, UK, EMEA and APAC – Leadfamly
The Digital Expert of the Year awards are given to companies that get the best feedback from delegates throughout the year when they speak at Masterclassing events. All comments are collected and analyzed to choose the winner.
The UK, EMEA and APAC award went to Leadfamly, which manages a SaaS gamification platform used by many of the major brands to entertain and engage with customers and prospects.

Here are some comments from the delegates on Leadfamly:
“This was a really nice session and very relevant to my needs. Since then, I have looked at your website with the intention of getting in touch.

“My favorite presentation! I thought this was not only a fantastic product and service, but the statistics and examples shown were very interesting! ”

“This was the most interesting session for me, offering a lot of interaction and good examples. The presentation and discussion were short, but they hit the spot. “

North America Digital Expert of the Year: Jebbit
The North American award went to Jebbit, who wants to create a future of full data transparency between brands and consumers. Their mission is to make every experience guess-free by asking people explicitly and directly about their interests, motivations, and preferences.

Delegates at our events had the following to say about Jebbit:

“The presenter shared a compelling high-level overview of a key trend in e-commerce and I am looking forward to sharing the information with my team.”

“Excellent discussion, time well spent.”


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