5 essential tools for digital marketing agencies in 2021

Startups and startups start to build a digital presence, making the competition tougher. Today, a solid digital marketing strategy is a must. Although the number of tools and platforms available, 57% of marketers they are challenged to optimize next-best-action marketing decisions. That’s because marketers lack the data they need. It is the real reason to use the best digital marketing tools to boost your agency’s productivity.

5 smart tools to boost your digital marketing

So if you want to level up your digital marketing agency and achieve the goals, then you need to use advanced tools to automate some processes and review the project KPIs. We describe below 5 smart tools all marketing agencies should use it in 2021.

1. SEO tools

SEO tools are vital for digital marketing. It is impossible to bookmark the business without SEO. So be sure to use SEMrush, HubSpot, Moz, Screaming Frog SEO, Detailed SEO Extension. These platforms are all-in-one SEO tools that help you:

  • Conduct keyword research;
  • Track your position ranking in search engines;
  • Conduct a comprehensive audit;
  • Identify backlinking;
  • Reveal any site bugs that affect SEO, etc.

With any of these all-in-one platforms, you can review your project’s important KPIs to improve your strategy and achieve business goals.

2. Content marketing tools

Here are some tools that come in handy in content marketing, from finding the perfect topic and creating to optimizing. So the following platforms are the best in 2021:

  • Crello is a great tool for creating professional looking images. Therefore, you can make a brochure online using a user information maker and create social images, CTA buttons, infographics, videos and animations, e-book covers, posters, graphics, etc. The highlight is that you can do that no matter your design experience, you can create custom images in minutes.
  • Grammatically is a useful writing assistant powered by AI (artificial intelligence). Use it to eliminate errors in marketing copies
  • BuzzSumo It enables your team to identify trends around specific topics, discover high-performing content for any niche, monitor brand performance, find key influencers to promote content, and much more.
  • Sentence is a great content optimization tool that uses artificial intelligence for your team to get advanced content insights to increase project research visibility. With the tool, marketers can obtain a list of related topics, recent news, statistics, frequently asked questions, figures and facts, and other information to create powerful content.

3. Email marketing tools

Email marketing is a powerful approach to reaching customers. Using tools like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Get Response, Aweber it can make your email marketing much more effective. The different features and options available on these platforms allow your team of marketers to:

  • Easily create mobile-friendly emails;
  • Activate a series of emails based on customer behavior;
  • Automatically forward emails to those who do not open;
  • Get information on open and bounce rates thanks to detailed reports;
  • Create email lists using data from Facebook, website or other channels;
  • Connect the e-commerce store to send product recommendations to customers;
  • Send personalized emails;
  • Create and send a message thread to new subscribers and many more.

4. Social media marketing tools

Do you know that youtoday there are almost 4 trillion (3.8 to be more precise) active social media users? This audience includes users of all ages, professions, situations, etc. So, if you want the business to grow and evolve, social marketing is a should have. You currently have a number of great social media management tools that are sure to help you with your marketing efforts.

Hootsuite, Eclincher, Sendible They are one of the most popular and useful tools for social media marketing. Each platform has its own strengths, strong features, and options on offer to make your campaigns more effective and get the maximum return on your investment. All of these all-in-one platforms allow you to:

  • Schedule posts automatically so that the business account remains active throughout the day;
  • Measure the effectiveness of campaigns through solid reports;
  • Cure and find new content to post and organize to generate maximum social shares;
  • Filter posts with the help of hashtags and / or keywords in multiple languages ​​and many more.

5. Growth Hacking Tools

Google Analytics, Alexa, Colibri.io, Amplitude, Crazy Egg They are powerful growth hacking tools that are needed to analyze the data of the main competitors and optimize the current marketing strategy. Thanks to advanced analytics reports, they allow your team to:

  • Better understand the audience;
  • Improve the overall product experience;
  • Analyze customer behavior;
  • Experiment at any stage of the customer journey and many more.

Final thoughts

Take advantage of the right tools for your marketing agency to ease tasks and increase productivity. All the tools mentioned above are intended to help your team and your clients achieve their set goals and be successful in 2021 and beyond!

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