5 tips from an expert business advisor to develop a winning marketing strategy

We live in the world of symbols. Whether we listen to speeches by political leaders or watch television commercials, we are engaged in the symbolic process of creating meaning. With the advent of the Internet, the online ecosystem has become the most important platform for the exchange of symbolic value systems among millions of people. Therefore, any modern business must be able to communicate as effectively as possible.

Owen Hone, director of coaching company Authentic Creation and an expert in the field of digital marketing, shared with us the top 5 essential marketing strategies for any strong brand development in 2021.

Know your audience

Knowing the interests, needs and other specificities of the target audience is an essential part of formulating a competent offer and a unique selling proposition.

When you know your audience, you can be sure that the items you sell and the content you produce consistently resonate with them.

“Have a deep understanding of your ideal customer, customer, or team member you want to attract. It is

it is impossible to attract a person to your business without being very clear about who that person is, how to market them and where to find them, ”says Owen.

Create the authentic voice of your brand

I would immediately recognize Apple, Coca-Cola and Nike advertisements, even if the brand is not mentioned. In order for your Tone of Voice brand to be remembered as well, it must reflect your shared values ​​with the audience.

For your unique brand voice to shine through in all your activities, you must define core values ​​and convey them through corresponding attributes. This can be achieved through design, content, images, and the wise integration of all the elements you use.

“Ask yourself who you are, what are you trying to do and what makes you different. Remember that mission and values ​​are not a nice abstract addition to your image, they are the main tool for sales and audience targeting. Having formed a certain image, you will be able to work with those who share your position. After all, it’s impossible to please everyone, ”Owen tells us.

Analyze market dynamics

2020 has clearly demonstrated: the time for big PR budgets is over, and every dollar invested in promotion must be measured and turned into profit. To prevent your content from drowning in the sea of ​​information, you need to work closely with the right tools.

Owen teaches his clients marketing metrics that 99% of online business owners don’t know about.

do it right. One such method is the Jedi algorithm.

“We teach you different Jedi algorithm tricks and strategies to get dozens of your ideal clients and team members to interact with your content. 99% of online business owners don’t do well, and it’s one of the reasons our clients consistently get such good results working with us, ”Owen tells us.

Express yourself fully

No amount of experience or skills and you are going to ensure your success if you lack the courage and will for continued action.

Owen put it perfectly: “Never feel intimidated into acting. Always take aligned actions to get what you want to shout to the universe that you are enough, you can do this and nothing will stop you. When you do that, you can’t be denied. “

Invest wisely

The main functions of a marketing system include:

  • Analytical function;
  • Production function;
  • Sales function (function of ensuring the sale of goods);
  • Management and control function.

It can be overwhelming to navigate the ever-changing trends and demands of online marketing in 2021. It would be wise to invest in a professional who can adapt to all the vital functions of an online marketer at once. Whether it’s any of the above-mentioned marketing functions, content creation, SMM marketing, or even Life Coaching, experts like Owen Hone are a safe bet to drive your success.

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