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Marketing will always act to drive relevant users to your product.
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Quick tips for startups and SMEs.

Stephanie King and Ali King from ASK Marketing share some essential tips …

1. Get to know the characters of your customers and adapt your value proposition to each of them

Think CMO Maggie. CFO Colin. College student Candice.

Do you know who your company’s customers are? These are the people who buy your product or service.

Customer personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customers. They are based on data and research. They will help you ensure that your time is focused on developing a strategy and its required content.

Once you know who they are, focus on your main 2-3 people. You can’t be everything to everyone, so don’t try to be.

2. Invest in a digital strategy first and foremost

Strategy comes first. Forever. Without a strategy, you have no direction and you will not have a clear path to achieve your goals or track your success.

The best tools and people to execute it will come second, shaped by the strategy itself.

The actual execution of the strategy may come in the form of a part-time in-house junior marketer, a marketing agency, a family member, or a friend with perhaps Some marketing experience, or even a combination of these options. But in any case, this person or these people should not be hired until the strategy is made. There are no such things as marketing unicorns, no matter how hard you look. So by making sure your digital strategy is done first, you can hire based on the skill sets required to execute it profitably and responsibly.

3. Content budget

Content and storytelling form the backbone of all digital marketing strategies and will be a key factor in building your community. A good digital marketing strategy will use key content pillars as the core of the digital strategy. Ultimately, digital strategy can only be as good as the content used to execute it.

Also plan a good rotation of content types (this can be in the form of still images, video, audio or long-form written content) choose the types that are most relevant to your brand and product.

4. Take advantage of evidence and data

When pushing your startup to market through the digital marketing channels and tactics recommended in your strategy, you’ll need to experiment to find what works and what doesn’t.

Once your marketing activity begins, regular testing, reporting, and information is critical. We always recommend using a digital marketing master data report file, which will act as your only source of truth for performance. This will be included in my data from your campaign channels, as well as the app store and Google Analytics data.

5. Product marketing and digital marketing should work together and not in separate silos.

When launching a new product, digital marketers will need to work in synergy with the product team to ensure that marketing conversion points (whether it’s a sign-up or an app download) and the user experience are optimized.

Marketing will always act to drive relevant users to your product, but ensuring they have a smooth and easy checkout or checkout experience is just as important.

Stephanie King and Ali King run ASK Marketing.

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