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Is Print Advertising Dead?

When marketing a small business or selling a product aimed at a local group, digital marketing can generate some leads. But you can target the moon with print media aimed at winning over local audiences or potential customers to become customers. Unfortunately, we often neglect print media marketing because of its old-fashioned door-to-door distribution of work. Still, the truth remains unchanged: print media generates more percent of leads with respect to investment than digital media. Obsessed with virtual reality, we tend to lose focus on the physicality of the world where quality products, comprehensive services and valuable goods are appreciated.

Print advertising goes back to the basics of marketing, where products, goods, and services are advertised to provide value to potential customers through print media. Includes advertising in newspapers, magazines, flyers, brochures, letters / emails, business cards, and ink and paper advertising. Similarly, stop-and-go banners will help you uniquely market your product so that your service / product reaches the relevant audience and stimulates their interest that blocks them as a potential customer for you. As with digital marketing, there are no variables or steps involved for print media – if your product appeals to them, they will buy it and become your customer.

  1. Best for local orientation:

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Print ads are highly targeted. The newspaper and magazines circulate within or have their influence on a specific area. So you can target local audiences for your locally active small business or service.

Or, if your service is specific to a crowd, such as a group of students or employees, you can print flyers and brochures to distribute in areas frequented by these crowds.

The highly targeted marketing reach ensures highly targeted leads that can become customers. Interactive print media better achieve local targeting.

  1. Reputation and loyalty:

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People trust print ads more than digital ads. Before printing anything, they are edited and reedited to minimize errors and mistakes. Therefore, after being under so many eyes, the final advertising product is highly finished and personalized for high-quality readers.

The print media has built a clean reputation and a loyal relationship with its readers, even if it is a newspaper or magazine. The long-standing relationship with the reading material also promotes positive pursuit of the ad and gives it credibility.

Consistent with the confidence-building halo effect, the reader is more likely to trust advertising published in print media or on flyers and brochures from trusted brands.

  1. Flexibility:

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Print media ads are highly customizable and flexible. You can add as many functions as you want. Tall images may cost more, but low images and high-value product advertising can be just as effective for the right audience.

You can run custom campaigns and try different techniques or approaches to attract an audience. Try and modify according to the answer.

Print media allows you to place an ad as big or as small as you like; You can put it on the pages where the content is coordinated with your product and it will have the greatest impact on the audience. Be creative!

  1. Incentives for action:

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When you are online, you ignore the ads and the marketing strategies vanish with a cross button. But with print media, attractive images, and fonts, the reader pays attention and is likely to take action.

When added with interactive texts like QR codes for free downloads or coupons and vouchers or sales, the reader will mark it in the reader’s brain.

The suspicion that the deal could end or that the products could sell out will cause the reader to act immediately and not wait for the need to arrive.

  1. Tangibility:

It relates differently to print media, be it a flyer, a catalog, or a magazine. Ink in paper work activates your senses and forces you to focus on the work beforehand.

When you’re watching a commercial or scrolling on your mobile phone, you just flick through it and the highlights just blink in your eyes, without you seeing or assimilating any value. But reading engages the inactive parts of your brain and therefore has a much higher engagement.

Additionally, the physical nature of paper allows you to market a particular product for much longer, as the form remains in the environment unless it is disposed of on purpose. Therefore, flyers, brochures and brochures have a high tendency to generate leads even days after distributions.

  1. Unplug:

Since mobile phones take up much more space than a few inches in our pocket, people are now finding ways to separate themselves and participate in activities such as reading and sports. That’s where print media comes in.

The trend of disconnecting from social media shifts the focus to print media such as magazines, flyers, brochures, and newspapers. Advertising in print media with a clear call to action will make articles stick a bit longer with the reader and help to remember them when necessary.

Print media is very forgiving of memory, so it is always present on paper to remind you if you forget the details.

  1. High commitment:

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Readers invest in print media. They will read and retain much of it regardless of additional details or brief information.

You can make your content very attractive by adding relevant graphics or information. When people invest in reading material, be it a newspaper, they make a conscious effort to read and understand the headlines and the news.

So when you read an ad that offers you a solution to your problems, you are thinking about buying the product while balancing the pros and cons in your head.

It is also called genuine engagement, as readers pay their full attention to printed material.


With the advent of digital marketing, which seems to generate many more leads than print media, new strategies implemented with print paper are reviving this marketing method. It has the potential to beat digital marketing by pinning genuine leads and customers.

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