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Data-driven advertising platform delivers real-time advertising performance and uniquely alerts users on both desktop and mobile when ad campaign performance changes

Adriel’s solutions are created together with our ecosystem of trusted partners, including Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, to help more than 5,500 companies effortlessly manage complex ad campaigns with just a few clicks.

SAN FRANCISCO, July 1, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Adriel, the all-in-one digital marketing platform created to monitor, manage and control paid advertising across multiple advertising channels, today announced the availability of new technology to help businesses to get better returns from your digital marketing and paid advertising programs. Adriel’s Marketing Command Center is a one-stop shop for marketers and businesses to get a real-time, 360-degree view of ad performance across multiple platforms, locations, employees, and customers and make decisions based on data. Adriel also announced today that the company has expanded its operations to the United States, in Silicon Valley.

Adriel is an intuitive plug-and-play platform that allows users to connect to an unlimited number of accounts and advertising channels around the world, trusted by more than 5,500 companies around the world, from large companies to small companies. , to offer higher returns in digital marketing. a central board. By offering unmatched collaboration and role-based views, Adriel gives distributed teams a seamless way to share critical information across platforms to better assess performance and take immediate action to improve or modify a campaign. Adriel maximizes workflow efficiency for users with a unique alarm system that notifies Adriel users when ads, campaigns or channels are not performing as expected, allowing users to quickly reallocate ad spend to campaigns higher performance or change priorities with just a few clicks. No more juggling multiple spreadsheets, platforms, or manual labor to estimate results.

“Given the increasing digitization of the world we live in today, companies face challenges with ever-increasing volumes of data and multiple marketing channels to manage on a daily basis. This change requires technology that gives users a way to make instant data-driven decisions, ”said Sophie Eom, CEO and co-founder of Adriel. “With Adriel, we have delivered that combination in powerful new updated technology to help organizations take control of their advertising and generate much better returns through greater optimization and transparency.”

Businesses that have used Adriel’s services report achieving a return on investment of over 150% and savings of over 40 hours per week on average. Read more about Adriel’s success stories on our website.

Adriel’s New Ad Management Solutions for Instant Information and Quick Response

To support businesses in an increasingly complex digital marketing world, Adriel has launched a comprehensive suite of solutions to provide organizations with clear visibility into their ad spend across channels, compare results across platforms, and optimally allocate. your budgets based on unbiased data and metrics to achieve a much better ROI.

  • Adriel’s Marketing Command Center acts as a single hub for leaders to get a 360-degree view of their advertising performance across all locations, employees, customers and become seamlessly driven data. Users can configure custom alarms to receive real-time notifications about the performance of their advertising campaigns wherever they are and take immediate action with an interactive dashboard. Updating the configuration from Adriel’s dashboard applies changes to all channels in real time.
  • Adriel’s products were created in collaboration with Facebook and Google, allowing users to manage all kinds of digital advertising data. With a focus on ROAS, Adriel determines which investments are giving the highest return. This granular approach leads the competition by allowing users to compare ROI not just by channel, but down to the specific ad creative they are investing in, with live and instant data.
  • New tools and workflow allow Adriel users to respond and assign resources and services quickly from a single command center. Users take action and edit campaign settings across channels directly using deep technology. Adriel also enables users to record and understand data, quickly classify and evaluate campaigns, and scale high-performing ad campaigns. Now, advertisers and agencies can optimize their respective operations and grow their business with Adriel’s new services and improved reports, delivering more value to their clients with full operational transparency through a dashboard that visually shows performance in real time, all while protecting your data by user access level. .

Comments on the news

  • “Adriel is so convenient. I always try to find out the impact of my marketing decisions and what my investments are turning into. Being able to do that in one place has been a game changer for my team, ”said B. Hwang, Director of Wadiz, the number one crowdfunding platform in South Korea.
  • “I always asked my teams for reports, but when I received them it was too late to capitalize on some of that knowledge. Now I just log into Adriel and see it all for myself as it happens, ”says J. Riley, CEO of Edge, a digital agency.
  • “Adriel’s automations are a game changer. With their dashboard in hand, all of my team members can finally do what they were hired to do: analyze and plan for further growth, ”said M. Park, CEO of APlus, a sports technology brand.

Pricing and availability

  • Adriel’s web platform and Adriel companion app are now available.
  • New and existing customers should visit for additional details on how to get started with new Adriel features and download the Adriel app today – it’s Adriel’s dashboard at your fingertips!
  • Adriel’s Pro prices start from $ 199 / month and vary based on number of connections + ad spend. Special solutions and prices are available for companies and agencies. A free trial is available.

About Adriel

Adriel is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that allows users to monitor and control paid advertising on more than 20 channels, including Facebook, Google, Amazon, and more. Founded in 2017 by AI tech veterans Sophie Eom and Olivier Duchenne, Adriel is pioneering the future of digital marketing by leveraging various technologies to create a seamless experience for digital advertising management. For more information visit or follow Adriel on Facebook at @AdrielMarketing.


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