Amendola, finalist for the daily PR digital marketing campaign

Amendola Communications (Amendola) announced today that it has been named a finalist in two different categories for PR Daily’s 2021 Digital Marketing and Social Media Awards, including the Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year Grand Prize and the Attention Marketing Campaign category. medical. The agency’s campaign, “Amendola Helps Air Methods No Membership Required Program Take Off”, included patient-centered amplification, education and storytelling to help push forward pending legislation and solve an ongoing industry challenge.

“To overcome the widely misunderstood reimbursement of air healthcare, we implemented an integrated and robust patient-centered education, amplification and storytelling campaign,” he explained. Jodi Amendola, CEO of Amendola. “We brought together a variety of proprietary and paid media approaches to make sure the message resonated. It required an extraordinary amount of planning, creativity, energy, and execution. I am proud of the quality of the work and the dedication of the A team, as well as the high level of commitment and collaboration with Air Methods ”.

Health plans generally do not cover emergency air transportation services, leaving already traumatized families to face exorbitant bills. The industry’s solution was to sell “memberships.” But almost all regions are covered by a single organization, which led to people paying for a membership for years and still being billed as if they were transported by another company. As a result, the emergency medical transportation industry, including Air Methods, a leading provider of aerial medical emergency services, received negative publicity in the media.

Amendola launched the Air Methods campaign with four strategic objectives:

  • Change the public perception that emergency air carriers prey on patients in times of distress through predatory billing practices
  • Shift public and media sentiment towards aerial methods specifically from negative to positive / neutral
  • Establish Air Methods as a leader in reforming the industry to serve the needs of patients in a fair and caring manner.
  • Demonstrate Air Methods thought leadership with author articles and media interviews focused on billing reform, industry best practices, clinical innovation, and more.

Air Methods created an advocacy program to work with patients unable to pay their outstanding balances, stopped selling memberships (and reimbursed membership dues previously paid by Medicare patients), and began working with health plans to cover their services. .

Amendola launched a digital campaign called No Membership Required (NMR) to raise awareness at the national and community level of Air Methods’ decision to stop selling memberships, as well as its efforts to become in-network providers for leading companies in the United States. health insurance of the country. Amendola and Air Methods launched the NMR campaign in November 2019 with a series of digital ads, some of which included videos with actual patient testimonials about the patient advocacy program. Patient stories helped Air Methods to be perceived as an anonymous corporate entity a caring provider of necessary life-saving services.

This program included press releases on topics such as Air Methods reimbursing membership dues to Medicare patients and announcements from the company securing in-network agreements with various health plans. Additionally, a continuous stream of social media posts delivered positive, consistent, and constructive messages, helping to promote the NMR program and its underlying principles.

The NMR digital campaign garnered more than 21 million video views, nearly 25 million impressions, and more than 21 million post interactions. Most important, however, was the effect the campaign had on consumer sentiment towards Air Methods. Throughout 2019, Air Methods averaged 26.5 negative articles / media mentions per quarter. In the first quarter of 2020, that number dropped to just 5, a reduction of roughly 80%. Additionally, Air Methods has established itself as a clear leader and visionary organization within its industry.

The “Ragan and PR Daily Award” programs celebrate the most successful campaigns, initiatives and teams in the communication, public relations and marketing industries. ”This year’s award winners are expected to be announced in late July.


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