Christian Torres-Trujillo ’20 pursues his ‘dream career’ in digital marketing

BOONE, NC – What attracted digital marketer Christian Torres-Trujillo ’20 to his chosen profession? It’s “fast-paced and exciting” and “you can do it all, you can be creative, decisive and strategic,” said Torres-Trujillo, an Appalachian State University graduate who works for TreeHaus Marketing LLC.

“I really loved every part of (my time at App State). I left with relationships for life, memories I’ll never forget, and the best perspective on life I could have. “

Christian Torres-Trujillo ’20, App State alumnus, digital marketing specialist with TreeHaus Marketing LLC

Through her role at the digital marketing agency, Torres-Trujillo specializes in pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, in which advertisers pay a fee each time their online ads are clicked. His experience in Appalachia gave him “a great understanding of digital marketing,” he said, “which has helped me succeed in my current role and has also prepared me for success in the future.”

Torres-Trujillo, originally from Plainfield, NJ, majored in marketing with a minor in digital marketing at Walker College of Business (WCOB). The program prepares students to support companies’ connections with customers and other businesses through digital channels, such as websites, ezines, and social media, and adjust their marketing mix to be successful.

He calls his education at App State “top level,” in part because of the real-world experience of his program and the faculty who support it.

Two experiences in particular, he said, gave him a head start: developing a marketing plan for a local business to improve their online presence, and creating a Google Ads campaign as part of a student competition.

The former gave him the opportunity to apply his knowledge in the classroom, while the latter introduced him to the “paid search” industry and an interest in getting Google Ads certified, helping him get to his current role. , He said.

Two WCOB professors to whom he is grateful for “pushing and inspiring me every step of the way to pursue the career of my dreams” are Associate Professor Dr. Lubna Nafees and Professor Christy M. Cook.

“They guided me by helping me with my job search, giving me great tips for pursuing digital marketing, and just being someone I could turn to if I had any questions or needed help during my time at App State,” Torres-Trujillo said. .

Student leadership opportunities, including starting a new fraternity on campus, also gave him the opportunity to practice teamwork, collaborate with others, and communicate effectively.

Torres-Trujillo said he eventually wants to build his own team of motivated and passionate digital marketers.

An important lesson he said he learned while at App State is to be resilient and never give up.

“I learned that if you really believe in something and want it to work, then you will do everything in your power to make it happen,” he said. “(My) teachers… they really pushed me to do my best work, and in the long run, it really paid off. The faculty always made sure to motivate and inspire us. “

“I really loved every part of (my time at App State),” he said. “I left with relationships for life, memories I’ll never forget, and the best perspective on life I could have.”

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The marketing industry has undergone a fundamental transformation as consumers and businesses increasingly shift their attention from traditional marketing media to digital media. Today, businesses must connect with customers and other businesses through digital channels, such as websites, ezines, and social media, and adjust their marketing mix to be successful.

The digital marketing concentration combines creativity and business skills.

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