Daniele Ligons inspired to bring marketing ideas to life

Jul. 18— “Giving back is very important,” in the assessment of Daniele Ligons, known to some local residents as the marketing manager for Aiken Electric Cooperative.

The Aiken resident grew up on Ligons Road in Ridge Spring, worked her way through local schools, and ended up at USC Aiken pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business, with an emphasis in marketing.

Along with her service at Aiken Electric, she also runs a small digital marketing company, Ligons Creative Co., and it’s all run by a woman who turned 31 on July 1.

“Bringing clients’ ideas to life” is a wonderful aspect of his job, he said. “No day is the same. I never know what to expect. One day, I may be doing photography. The next could be planning an event … It’s never the same.”

Her daughter, Desirae, is now 2 years old, is “very, very sweet” and is getting a lot of exposure to community service. “I wish she … knew that giving back is very important, so she comes to some of my meetings with me, to some of the events with me … I let her sit and watch me while I do the graphic design stuff, and she has her little laptop by my side, pretending to do the same, “Ligons said.

He also recalled the importance of a tremendous role model in his own life: his mother, Trenton native Gloria Ligons, who was married to the late Dwayne Ligons and raised five children, with the future Aiken Electric employee as the second child overall. and the eldest of two girls.

“I just watched her grow up, having to be a single mother after my father died, and the strength that she found, and how resourceful she was, and how she managed to raise five children on her own and always have a positive attitude … Those are all the things that I admired and learned from her, and she helps me a lot now, with my son, helping me to follow my dreams and supporting me. “

These days, the young professional especially likes gardening and “being around beautiful things” because beauty can help inspire design and writing. Playing with your daughter, traveling, cooking, and experimenting with new foods are also one of her main activities.

She also shared some thoughts on her years as a college student. As stated in her nomination letter for Young Professionals 2 Follow, she was “heavily involved in clubs like Pacer Spirit, Circle K International, and more, all while completing an internship and holding two jobs.” He has also worked in recruitment and corporate communications, the letter noted.

Much more recently, its base of operations has become Aiken Electric, in support of a company with a mission statement with the goal of “empowering communities by providing reliable, competitively priced energy and other services desired by our members.” .

Regarding his current professional status, Ligons commented: “Currently, my focus is just to absorb as much as I can … I’m just trying to educate myself and become an expert in the field of marketing, so ‘I’m taking additional classes and just practicing graphic design and things like that, so I can hone my skills. “

She also works closely with the local United Way and sits on the executive committee of the Young Philanthropist Society, representing people who “are committed, through resources and time, to creating real and lasting change in keeping with the mission. of the United Way of Aiken County to improve lives in our community, “as described on the local organization’s website.

In addition, it is on board the Aiken Junior Woman’s Club, with activities ranging from granting scholarships to collecting garbage on the road; She is also a member of the USCA Alumni Board and vice president of marketing and communications for the USCA Black Alumni Council. “I do a lot,” he said.

“I am very grateful to be where I am and to have what I have, and I love spending time helping others to have things that make them happy or have the things they need.”

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