Digital advertising is an essential part of any integrated campaign, but with the ever-changing media landscape, it can be difficult to keep up.

From the impact of streaming services to the emergence of new social media platforms, how do you get the most out of your budget?

Dan Whitney (Managing Director of Content Strategy) and Jess Docherti (Digital Accounting Director) explore key trends, outdated strategies for the future, and how brands go beyond their digital advertising goals this year.

What are we talking about, especially when we talk about digital advertising by Allison and colleagues?

Daniel Digital advertising covers a wide range of results, but it is primarily a function of placing marketing messages in front of the customer. We manage campaigns for our clients covering display, social, native, search and email on AN & P. But in recent years we have seen a great deal of stimulus in our customers who need help to manage and manage a divided society in many European markets, and we have also seen an increase in lead generation strategy and implementation for many of our B2B clients.

What do we do for our customers in a digital advertising space?

Jess As the 2020 events force more digital communication, market demand has shifted to digital channels, including social media. While the use of social media is changing, advertising spending in the UK alone is projected to increase to 2.2 billion by 2021 and by 5.5 billion by 5.5 billion by 2025. More businesses are taking advantage of strategic ads on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. , LinkedIn, Snapchat and Twitter, which means you’re getting more and more satisfied. This platform has made them more likely to prioritize posts with family and friends than marketing content, making it difficult for business posts to get more visibility without being budgeted for. We help our clients create compelling coordinated campaigns that use end-to-end platforms for their business.

What do you see as the biggest digital marketing trends so far as 2021?

Dan I think we have met more than ever in the last 12 months. And being forced to spend more time online has led us to evaluate things that are not important to us and to us from a digital perspective.

Digital interaction is growing rapidly in all age groups, and there is a greater willingness to try new technologies. Locking time, online tutorials, live and video chat are standard, and restrictions will remain here to ease this user behavior. I think he used to be afraid of technology, but now he is more appreciative of us because we allow each other to communicate.

One of the biggest trends in this is the need for privacy and the fact that people are now more concerned with their media choices. People value advertising and the value of what they do. Social media continues to divide and dominate the landscape, but TikTok, for example, grew by 75 percent in 2020 and is only able to continue into the second half of this year.

Brands that can communicate directly with the customer will have better interactions with those who are not connected. Conversations about purpose, sustainability, and well-being are all minds in the digital landscape, and the consumer has little choice. Trademarks are very competitive to gain and terminate.

Linn By 2021, technology will change further, allowing marketers to better change leaders, create personalized content, and track results.

What is outdated that customers need to go far?

Dan I think it’s breaking advertising and I think it’s credible in ads. Unauthorized breaks The increase in services has increased over the last 18 months and is not the same as when we were visited by ads.
Streaming streaming and on-demand service have shifted from a broad-based cultural target to a more informative approach. If not supported by an integrated digital marketing plan, that hero will only be in the 30-second position once, a real long-term transaction value of the “See Me” moment. Obviously, your heroic places like Christmas or Superball are still important, but these are often more unusual than usual.

What about community-led forums?

Daniel It has been a matter of faith on some community-led platforms and it continues to be, but the power of the online community over the past 12 months has been impressive.

Last year, from Marcus Rashford to the Black Life advocacy campaign, he set a good example by citing a number of examples. We’ve seen club house happen and conversations and being part of something still drive usage and allow everyone to have a voice. I just think that will grow even more.

Titus is a hot channel but many are still caught up in it. What are our recommendations for advertising on stage?

Jess: We have all lost hours on this platform recently and TikTok’s popularity is still growing, predictions that by 2021 the app is expected to reach 13 million users in the UK. TikTok allows you to engage with the latest leading trends and activities. Communicating with your audience allows you to create content that responds to key pain points and calls for action. Our advice is to resist the urge to advertise and try to work with real users and creators to develop TikToks that will stay in your mind for a long time after you see them.

Why is it important to integrate digital ads on other com streams, including media communications and organic social media?

Dan Nothing works in cells. We are in the process of communicating with customers, but as we talked about today, our customers have more options and more platforms than ever to engage or eliminate.

We need to have a consistent channel-agnostic approach to digital marketing, and we should not present this in the old school ‘campaign numbers’ style: what is a PR brief, what is a social brief, what is a search summary, and so on. Starting with this and starting with the client, he asks, ‘Where are our clients and on what channels?’ And then ‘How do we get them to participate and have active related conversations with them?’

At A + P we consistently present our briefs in this way and as a result we offer more rounded and more successful campaigns to our customers, but I think we are less likely to integrate the agency’s model and digital advertising. Channel mix.

Finally, you can share an example of your favorite digital advertising campaign and why?

Jess Last year, Starbucks UK partnered with Mermaids, an organization that supports transgender and gender-based youth in the WhatsYourName campaign. Although only 1% of the community plans to launch this campaign, only 0.3% of the ads show that they are transgender people.

In this exciting campaign, Starbucks is inviting users to share more on the hashtag #WhatsYourName and has also increased its size to attract attention to the support services needed in awareness and money (over 100K) in the sex community. Process Such purposeful campaigns in 2021 will have real power and good cause.

Daniel For me, the KFC has done a great job in some of their campaigns in the past.

Their campaign, # To WanCanFingerLickAgain It was an intellectual blow. At the beginning of the lock, they removed their logo and added other brand lines to the chase to continue the conversation.

They run a lot of billboards and social posts with the “new account” and likes, shares and I expect a good level of engagement. It shows how a product can be adapted, entertained, and culturally aware of current events that affect their audience.

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Content Strategies Managing Director Dan Whitney, and Jess Docherti, Digital Accounting Director, develop and run digital advertising campaigns for clients in industries and geographies. Click here to learn more about how we can help you.