Digital Marketing KPIs for 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the world on a curve ball this time, requiring entire industries to adapt faster than ever to keep up with the needs of consumers while working from home offices in uncertain circumstances. The changes have impacted the entire marketing landscape, from the average customer journey to increased media consumption.

How Digital Marketing Has Changed After The Pandemic

  • Digital marketing has changed the effects that can be seen on consumer behavior.

For options to get some food, rather than looking for restaurants closer to our locations, we are looking for delivery or curbside options. Today’s audience is more online than ever. Online dating and ads are now the norm for many businesses.

  • Zoom calls and online meetings are on the rise, while face-to-face personal interactions are on the decline due to the COVID-19 crisis. Consumers visit websites and communicate through branded social media platforms more than ever.
  • Digital marketing is one of the best and most profitable methods for companies to reach their target audience. Changed behavioral practices, such as social distancing, are accelerating the use of e-commerce options, forcing traditional businesses and marketing to take a backseat.
  • As interpersonal communication has seen a decline, companies are becoming more dependent on digital tools and other accessories to achieve their goals, i.e. Facebook Messenger, live chat on websites, text message marketing, etc. .
  • Brands investing in SEO may have seen a decline in revenue when the pandemic just started last year, but it is now reaching new heights.

What are the current KPIs that digital marketers should focus on?

Adjusting to the new normal

Marketers and advertisers must adjust their messages to the new way the world operates and will continue to operate in the future. This means considering new practices such as social distancing, the importance of safety and cleanliness, or convenience when limiting travel and exposure.

You may have noticed that brands are changing their messages in response to the current pandemic situation. For example, food delivery brands are now promoting “no-touch” options and airlines are creating ads that show new protocols to ensure travelers are safe.

It is important that your digital marketing messages remain relevant and aligned with the needs, interests and concerns of your customers. This may require a bit more creativity. But focus on the ways your brand makes things easier, better, or safer for the masses.

Stay in touch with your customers

At a time when companies are more concerned with generating new leads and customers, the first thing to do is get in touch with your existing contacts, through email and other communication channels, such as social media. It’s crucial to reach out to your customers and tell them how your business has been affected and the details about how closures or remote work will affect your ability to help them, but you’re still there with them through these tough times.

Focus on rebuilding your content strategy

Another thing marketers should focus on more is rebuilding and updating the content marketing strategy to make it more relevant:

  • Refresh timeless content blogs to see what’s timely and relevant. Perhaps popular material can be promoted again or reused.
  • Review current content marketing campaigns and see if they need to be adjusted in current circumstances.
  • Re-evaluate your KPIs and what goals you want to set yourself during this outbreak. Online marketing often serves to drive offline purchases; You may need to look at different metrics to measure success if the way you do business has been significantly affected.
  • Create new assets that work for today’s environment, such as new blog posts, e-books, and more.

How Jellyfish Can Help

There are many digital marketing companies that can help you in the perfect digital transformation of your business and also help you build an effective and efficient digital marketing infrastructure and strategy, but there are several capabilities of Jellyfish that make it stand out from the crowd.

Jellyfish helps you drive digital transformation by providing the right technology, digital marketing strategy, and training. Choosing the right technology according to the requirements of an organization and strategy has always been a difficult task, and companies simply cannot afford to invest in a technology that is less useful or productive, which is why Jellyfish helps companies develop a excellent online marketing strategy. and also choose the appropriate and required technology. They are adept at using data and technology to the fullest and building creative and converting digital marketing strategies. They use numerous techniques and platforms to strategize, extract, and analyze data. They put technologies to work that result in an effective digital marketing and advertising campaign.

Additionally, Jellyfish has recently acquired 5 companies to drive its expansion and global offerings.


In these unprecedented times, market volatility and widespread anxiety, it can be difficult to employ a focused approach. But using digital marketing techniques and the help of digital marketing experts can help you stay connected and relevant to your customers, retain your market share, and help you reach new audiences as you weather the storm.

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