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Are you a digital marketing expert with excellent attention to detail and superior communication skills?

5Tales is a fast growing family owned Australian marketing agency. Our work spans all areas of digital marketing and we work with small and medium-sized businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

We are a completely remote company (FMH) with team members in Australia and the Philippines.

Purpose of this position

The Digital Services Manager is responsible for managing the workflow of the digital compliance team and executing all aspects of digital marketing.

This is a managerial position, with a team of four reporting to the Digital Services Manager. The successful applicant is expected to be an active participant in the quarterly focus meetings and provide valuable information to assist with strategic decision making.

Through a strategic approach to client campaigns and workflow management across the digital team, this position will influence: a reduction in lost accounts, improved account performance, and an increase in referrals. from existing customers.

Key responsibilities

  • Team performance management
  • Conducting website audits (written and video)
  • Review the results of the client’s campaign and provide quality control in monthly reports.
  • Determine meaningful digital marketing strategies
  • Client strategy sessions
  • SEO campaign work including keyword research and off-page link building.
  • Quality assurance of web development and PPC work
  • Responsible for overseeing web hosting and migration.
  • Identification and determination of actions for customer campaigns “at risk”

one day in the Life

As a Digital Services Manager, a typical day may include the following:

  • Recording a video audit for a potential client
  • 1 to 1 with team member
  • Keyword research for a new customer campaign
  • Work in conjunction with Client Services Manager to update a client on PPC conversions
  • Review of a new website for a client
  • Report on KPIs and provide insight in a management meeting
  • Manage customer campaign work in CRM and Trello
  • Preparing a summary for blog posts of GMB posts for a client
  • Manage the migration of a website to our hosting.

For whom it is

This role could be for you if:

  • You thrive in a busy and fast-paced environment, you have great attention to detail and an analytical mind.
  • You are passionate about seeing results and you enjoy solving problems.
  • You are self-disciplined in your approach and take responsibility for your work – this means you notice the little things and take personal responsibility for the larger goals.
  • You communicate clearly. You write well and speak eloquently. You can explain complex marketing concepts to business owners struggling to use email.
  • Your think like a marketer. Extensive experience in digital marketing is not essential, but is preferable.

To land this job, you must have a basic understanding of digital marketing channels. We hope you know how they work or that you are eager and willing to take a quick crash course.

We also look forward to filling knowledge gaps and will also provide training and guidance on how our existing services fit into the marketing channels we offer.

You will need to

  • Reliable internet connection
  • Own laptop / desktop

If this sounds like you

Please send your resume and a cover letter describing your interest in the position to Kassi Fleming, Head of Operations ([email protected])

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