Director, Digital Content and Email Marketing


INSP is one of the most popular cable television networks today. At a time when most networks are losing viewership, INSP has continued to set records. Our unique programming approach has made us one of the fastest growing basic cable networks, yes, even in this age of cable cutting. We are currently available to more than 67 million US households, 24 hours a day, through more than 2,800 cable systems, TELCO, and digital broadcast services such as DISH Network and DIRECTV. INSP consistently ranks in the top 15 or better in Daily CableFax Primetime Rankings (published weekly), outperforming networks like Bravo, AMC, MTV, Paramount and more.

And, through our Imagicomm subsidiary, INSP content is distributed across an expanding range of OTT platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and at retail locations like Walmart and more.

Our talented INSP team is what makes all this success possible!

The Director of Digital Content must be proficient in both the day-to-day strategy and execution for selecting and managing a successful website and leading the charge of the engaging email content strategy. This role will drive these two key areas, taking the direction and prioritization of the VP of Digital Content and Social Media.


This feature monitors all INSP touchpoints on the second screen to help elevate the brand and connect with the network. The director of digital content and email marketing will be responsible for the INSP website and digital content initiatives. Drive smart strategy development to drive increases in all key metrics including: unique users, page views, daily active users, time spent on site, and executing engaging content strategies to meet those KPIs. In this role, you will also collaborate across the company on website updates and digital builds, formulate a content marketing strategy, monitor digital content and email editorial calendars, and analyze campaign performance on all digital metrics. .

Key functions include internal and external writer management, content auditing, SEO, blogger broadcasting and coordination, website product and scheduling, and sweepstakes management. This role will take on additional strategic design and user experience responsibilities and lead groups, both internally and externally, in redesigning the website of a reinvented

This role also runs our email newsletter program. Responsibilities include scheduling and cadence, creative design templates, content development and testing, database growth, segmentation and lifecycle journey, and subscriber management. This role will also involve developing an SMS marketing strategy as another point of contact for communicating with our engaged audience.

This role will directly manage at least 3 employees, in addition to having tangential leadership over potentially more employees, as well as managing external contractors, agencies, writers, and developers.

Main duties and responsibilities

  • Lead the strategic design and user experience vision for the redesign
  • Manage multiple timelines and project executions simultaneously for maximum efficiency
  • Create and manage email marketing campaigns and digital content from conception to completion and review of results.
  • Work to continue expanding our SEO efforts in the form of content to drive page views and optimize existing content on our website.
  • Conceptualize digital content initiatives first that could include content development and franchises (written, audio and video formats) throughout our website and email efforts.
  • Negotiate and adhere to product / deliverable schedules between web development team, creative team, and internal stakeholders
  • Keep budgets, create and update projects and monthly reports
  • Make sure analytical tracking is defined and established, working collaboratively with Digital Analytics Manager
  • Ability to evaluate customer research, market conditions, and competitor data.
  • Stay on top of current content and digital marketing best practices, making suggestions to incorporate applicable best practices into initiatives.
  • Update the websites continuously through the content management system.
  • Provide effective communication with all departments on the status of the project.
  • Develop training materials and provide training on department workflow procedures.
  • Encourage, teach and effectively lead direct reports as well as external vendors / contractors
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