Elk’s digital marketers are based on four pillars

Marketing experts know that the key to success for any business these days is search engine optimization (SEO). The main goal is to improve the quality and quantity of your website to increase visibility and credibility. Although each company has a personalized marketing team, sometimes it takes the help of an additional expert to create a more detailed and effective marketing strategy. One company that offers these services is Elk. Elk’s digital marketers are based on four pillars that guarantee both your success and the success of your clients.

Fully managed digital services

Outsourcing to another company to help with the marketing of a business can be scary. Will they understand the brand? Will they know how to reach the target audience? Elk’s team understands these fears, so they work closely with each company’s team to determine the best strategies and tactics. Their goal is to support the growth of each business with fully managed digital services.

Outsourcing to another company to help with the marketing of a company can be scary. Will they understand the brand? Will they know how to reach the target audience?

SEO can take time to develop, but Elk takes a structured approach that shows organic traffic growth within the first 120 days of their collaboration. “To achieve this,” says Justin Ross, a member of the team, “we execute an SEO performance marketing plan. We analyze the potential demand for your product or service, current rankings, existing content and rankings of your competition. We also analyze the relevant keywords your site currently has on search results pages 2 and 3 to project the true organic search value of your brand. “

Their structured approach includes building a list of specific keywords across the country to improve keyword rankings, updating the company website to improve site speed and overall user experience, informative blogs and stories. of success. This was done with Sands Investment Group, and they have seen page 1 keyword rankings grow by 800 percent.

Four pillars of success

Every successful business is built on pillars that represent who they are, what they represent, and how they work. Elk is built on four pillars that have led to its success and the success of its clients over the years. These pillars have given the company a stable foundation to grow and become a leader in digital marketing.

  • Team – Their goal is for each client to focus on running their business, which is why they have built a strong team that focuses on marketing, technology and content projects.
  • Growth – Your mission is to grow your business. This is done by working together with a managed digital services approach to achieve the best possible results.
  • Communication: transparency is one of its best qualities. They do this by staying in constant communication with their customers when it is best for them. This strategy lets both parties know how work is going and what next goals and priorities they should focus on.
  • Simplicity – They are aware of the challenges running a business can present, so they want to simplify things for all businesses by removing a tedious task from their plate and giving them the information they need to grow their business.

Digital Marketing Specialists

A large part of your business growth is related to SEO. Sometimes, companies need the help of an expert to accompany their marketing strategy to achieve their objectives. In those situations, digital marketers will be your best allies. Elk offers businesses a structured approach that will help them increase organic traffic and get to page 1 of search results. How can you guarantee this? Because Elk’s digital marketers are built on four pillars that lead to success.

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