Exploring the Cracks of Digital Marketing with Digital Gabbar: Rohit Mehta

“A trend that is relevant today may be obsolete tomorrow.” A quote that Rohit Mehta is deeply motivated by and is the reason behind his successful rants as an IT industry savant, digital marketing mogul, and entrepreneur. His success is a never-ending endeavor for which Rohit Mehta works day to day and knights to ensure his financial stability for a long, long time. The secret to his accomplishments lies in his enthusiasm and the always-on mindset that has rewarded him in his career so far. Rohit Mehta doesn’t believe in keeping the secrets of success to himself and is encouraging newbies to learn about the intricacies of digital marketing through her platform, Digital Gabbar.

Rohit Mehta explains the concept behind the creation of Digital Gabbar. He says: “I stick to a thought which is to keep evolving over time. Orthodox career options are becoming impossible to achieve financial stability, even if you dedicate your best years to it. As a working professional, it is important to be aware of the industries of the future and digital marketing is one of them. Just as traditional marketing was imperative for the success of a business in the old days, digital marketing is the best opportunity for success for now. Digital Gabbar is an extension of my experiences, along with an unbiased view of current and future trends in the digital marketing industry. You will be amazed at the amount of information available on the platform and also without any prior investment required to access it. These are tried and tested approaches that have made me successful in this industry and are now available to all of you. “

Giving more details about the digital platform, Rohit Mehta says: “Digital Gabbar is not just any other information portal. It houses the best of the best content from digital marketers around the world. Each post is personally vetted by our team before it is posted on the platform to maintain authenticity and only distribute accurate information. I received frequent emails every day from marketers who are reaping the benefits of publishing on Digital Gabbar by formulating information-driven strategies. Digital Gabbar is almost a year old and the journey so far is more than I could have imagined. “

Rohit Mehta is happy with Digital Gabbar, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t working on other projects as well. Indian Gabbar is another Rohit Mehta favorite project that is a featured blog site promoting future industry sages and attracting them with the right attention while expanding your audience. Indian Gabbar is working with many influencers to help them connect with a diverse viewer base while building their reputation in the process. Rohit Mehta says: “I am often asked why I share a lot of my strategies with the audience. My intention is not to keep the knowledge to myself, but to share it with as many people as possible so that they can benefit from it. “

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Most CEOs ‘would increase digital marketing budgets if they could deliver direct sales’

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