Finding the Perfect Fit: Atomic Group’s Digital Marketing Journey

Every day 48% of Australians wake up with pain in the heel, arch or foot in general. But despite this, more than half will never visit a podiatrist.

This knowledge is part of what inspired the integrated footwear and retail company, Atomic Group, to increase its online presence for its line of orthopedic footwear, Homyped.

The task of reaching and serving that pool of potential customers online has fallen to Atomic Group e-commerce manager Cory-Dean West, a veteran of online sales in the wine industry and traditional retail at JB. Hi-Fi.

“We were recognizing that if 48 percent of people wake up with this type of pain and half of them are not going to see a podiatrist, then how to solve it from an online perspective and help people identify what the condition of the foot is, “said West CMO.

Homyped has developed an online shoe finder to help customers determine that and then link them to an appropriate product. But certain attributes of Homyped’s customer base led West to exercise caution when deciding how to best interact with them.

“Our demographic is quite specific, considering we have a much larger demographic,” West said. “Digital is not a place where this demographic plays a lot, so those basic customer journeys are very important.”


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