From digital marketing to AI: 200% increase in professionals opting for refresher courses: Surve

Bengaluru: With the uncertainty in the job market and the change in the skills required to perform certain tasks with work at home, a survey found that there is a 200% annual growth in the number of professionals who opt for refresher courses and retraining on the Intellipat platform from 2019 to 2021.
Intellipaat, an online professional training course and certification platform, conducted the survey with participants between the ages of 24 and 38. Five hundred people participated in the six-month survey.
According to the survey, 70% of the participants opted for courses in data science and artificial intelligence and reported a 60% increase in their salary and position. Other of the main courses chosen by professionals were Data Science & AI, Cloud, Programming and Analytics.
The platform conducted another survey during the period from April 2020 to April 2021 with an estimated sample size of 80,000 people. In it, they found that 90% were improving themselves with Digital Marketing courses, and 70% opted for web development courses.
Diwakar Chittora, founder and CEO of Intellipaat, told TOI that one in four employees in India lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic and that the job market is still in decline. He says the only way to survive the crisis is by upgrading skills, which is just as important for companies as it is for employees. “Improving skills is necessary for the first group to stay ahead of the competition, while helping the second group to get noticed in the workplace. Furthermore, skill enhancement is more than just increased competence; it also improves resistance to threats and challenges in a highly volatile market after the Covid-19 pandemic ”.
He added that the cost of the courses is 20k-80k depending on the length and selection of the university. “After completing these courses, you will be able to increase employee engagement and retention, attract top talent, improve cross-department collaboration, accelerate adaptation to change, and boost brand and reputation throughout your organization,” said Chittora. and added that Cybersecurity, Application Development, Web Development and Product Management are some of the promising courses that are in high demand right now.
Vikas Gupta, Managing Director of Wiley, WileyNXT and mthree (India) said that, in addition to the disruption caused by the pandemic, other reasons for the increase in skills enhancement are: “Up to 40 percent of the estimated Indian workforce 5 million people need retraining over the next five years to keep up with automation and changing skill needs in various industries. A person is expected to improve their skills six times in their career to help align with companies’ market growth and innovation strategy. ”
“Organizations need a strategic plan to provide the right skills to their existing employees and acquire new people with the right skill set to fill the gap. All of these factors have contributed to the increased demand for skills, further development and professional learning in India amid the Covid-19 pandemic, “he added.
When asked the reason behind the popularity of courses in data science and artificial intelligence, cloud, programming and analytics, Gupta said that the evolution from industry 4.0 to industry 4.1 is a factor.
“However, there is a global technology skills gap crisis, with jobs on the rise and not enough qualified candidates to fill them, resulting in job losses. A credible industry report estimates that workers with digital skills make up only 12% of India’s workforce, and the number of employees requiring digital skills is expected to grow ninefold by 2025. So there is a growing need and demand for curricula and courses focused on emerging technologies such as AI, ML, Analytics, Cloud computing, etc. that help close the technology skills gap that prevails in the country. ”
He added that the courses on WileyNXT that are most in demand have been those that have focused on AI and ML applications. “WileyNXT’s ‘Digital Transformation’ and ‘Data Driven Product Management’ program has also been seeing encouraging response from the market,” he added.
Simplilearn, an online Bootcamp for digital economy skills training, also announced last month that the company added 70,000 new students monthly to its SkillUp platform and surpassed 500,000 registrants. Simplilearn’s SkillUp Initiative is a free learning platform that helps students, professionals, and aspiring students identify suitable skill enhancement programs to help achieve specific career goals. Through this platform, students around the world have free access to more than 1,000 hours of learning and technology skills programs covering more than 600 skills in demand. Popular programs on the platform range from Business Analytics to Digital Marketing, Cloud, and Data as well.
The platform recorded close to 75% of registrations from the Indian market, followed by the US and Canada, and the rest of the world. 43% of the registrations were made by students between 18 and 24 years old, or mainly students, while 34% were between 25 and 34 years old.
Krishna Kumar, founder and CEO of Simplilearn, said that professionals and applicants are constantly exploring ways to absorb new skills and prepare for future jobs, which in turn generates a growing interest in programs offered on platforms such as Simplilearn SkillUp.
Skills Enhancement at Embassy Group
Embassy Group has introduced several initiatives dedicated to the general well-being of employees. The company launched the wellness portal ‘Embassy Cares’ and introduced a ‘Learn, Grow and Connect’ e-learning series, which aims to improve skills and continuity of learning for employees. “From mental health webinars to learning and development programs, the company strives to empower happy, healthy employees equipped with the latest skills in an ever-evolving ecosystem,” said a group news release.
Improved skills with new languages
Smriti P, a tech technician started learning German two months ago through an online platform. She says that in addition to taking technical courses, she realized that learning a language would help her grow in her career. “Several of our clients are based in German. Learning the language opens up a variety of opportunities, ”she says, adding that the pandemic has helped her focus on improving her skills.


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