From traditional marketing to digital marketing: when and how to change

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Digital marketing is often viewed as a separate science and is often compared to traditional marketing. For me, digital marketing is the evolution of marketing with the arrival of new technologies. Social, Cloud, Analytics and Mobility have changed the rules of the game. Still, the basics of marketing remain the same. That is to inform customers about the product, prices through promotion and packaging. New technologies such as 3D printing, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence help us to understand and reach the customer in the most profitable way.

Five ways digitization changes instead of improving marketing:

Branding: experience is essential for the customer. Good experiences result in loyalty and promotion. And a bad experience is bad press. Companies are becoming innovative and incorporating varied experiences. An example may be Macdonald’s use of Pokémon games. The opportunities are immense to improve brand perception through the use of technology.

Technology has allowed people to have more power: social networks have provided direct access of brands to people and vice versa. Now the feedback is captured directly. Complaints are registered online. Zero moments of truth implies that people now search everything on the Internet before making an informed decision.

Engineering to ensure that Products / Services do the marketing: New age brands respond on the power of their engineering to evangelize their product

Being interesting is now the norm: interesting and human stories help to make the brand more identifiable. With user generated content taking precedence, end customer stories are now captured and delivered directly as marketing content. Interesting stories go viral and enhance the positive image of a brand. Alternatively, bad stories kill the brand.

Community is the way to go: social media has also enabled fan clubs. Passionate customers are the best brand ambassadors. Communities give them a voice through communities and also help the brand solicit valuable feedback on its products. SAP Community is an example. SAP customers, partners, and developers share feedback, discuss ideas, and access critical new resources. It has 2.8 community users and 287,000 visits per day. Additionally, users can follow a specific topic based on their interests: Industry Clouds (example)

3c should always complement the 4P

Content is the key: Always find relevant and interesting customers to say about your product and services.

Communication: Tell relevant stories through different channels to reach the right audience.

Community: Build a strong community to share, discuss and improve.

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