Garrett Mandigo uses his skills and experience to help small businesses reach new heights

Social media dominates many aspects of the average person’s life. For businesses, social media helps them connect with customers, increase brand awareness, and increase leads and sales. Digital marketing plays an important role in social media strategy. Digital marketing has completely changed the way brands communicate with their customers and the way customers find a company to do business with.

The impact of digital marketing on business growth will continue to grow as more and more brands go digital. The use of digital marketing has had a direct impact on the profit margins and growth capacity of a company. Many young entrepreneurs have stepped up to show their skills and take over the digital world. One such talented individual is Garrett Mandigo.

With a background in sales and marketing, Garrett Mandigo has helped several companies grow in multiple industries. He initially began his journey into the corporate world running large gyms like LA Fitness and Gold Gyms. With her skills and knowledge of the business, she helped these gyms scale and reach their sales goals.

He has also helped small cannabis business owners. During this process, Mandigo learned a lot about the core values ​​necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. Expanding her knowledge and learning the many leadership qualities of running a gym business increased her confidence to scale small businesses.

After successfully doing his part in the gym industry, Mandigo transitioned to digital marketing 4 years ago. Now, he is a successful digital marketer who has been helping small businesses scale. His marketing strategies, techniques, and tactics have helped his clients rise to the top in their respective fields, ahead of many.

Over the years on social media working with business owners, entrepreneurs, and influencers, Mandigo has enjoyed coaching and leading others to find success in their space. Along with digital marketing, he also runs a talent management company that has hired a number of upcoming hip-hop artists. From helping them with artist marketing, social media strategy, and building a greater online presence, Mandigo is doing everything they can to help them get more attention.

Currently, it is in the process of launching DisruptTV, a streaming platform for influencers to present live shows and raffles that will help them have a personal relationship with their fans. Mandigo is not only a successful entrepreneur and digital marketer, but also an influencer, mentor, and coach who helps others achieve their goals.

Posted on July 3, 2021

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