Grammedit aims to increase the visibility of the local market by helping organizers take advantage of a digital marketing platform

The easy-to-use e-commerce platform, Grammedit, partners with local, small and micro businesses to enhance their online presence and support offline growth.

The Grammedit team, led by passionate and forward thinking Patience Ose, has continued to enjoy rave reviews from market organizers for its innovative platform. Initially designed as an online social selling solution to help small and micro businesses improve their online presence, the platform aims to increase the visibility of small businesses online while proactively supporting their growth offline. Grammedit, which is currently available for free, is fast becoming an engine for small businesses and market development in their local communities.

“It’s about Local. Local. Local! “Said Patience Ose.” The challenge is that our local small businesses need more visibility online, otherwise they are struggling to grow their businesses as they should. We hope that by partnering with local offline market organizers, we can redouble our efforts to give them some digital marketing support. ”

Spending on digital marketing is on the rise. According to Statista, global digital advertising spending is projected to reach more than $ 646 billion by 2024, an increase of nearly 71% over 2019. Despite this astronomical growth, thousands of businesses, especially small ones, still they have not fully benefited from this important e-commerce pillar. However, Grammedit seeks to help change that by leveling the playing field.

The all-inclusive marketing tool offers a wide range of features, including a comprehensive directory for social media businesses, prioritized search, no-frills online reputation management, and a powerful dashboard, all designed to improve Online visibility and increase sales for small businesses. online.

In its effort to support its member businesses offline, Grammedit is offering two $ 100 Visa Cash Credits to two shoppers who frequent participating markets (such as the farmer’s market, flea market, etc.) in their local area. . The initiative is in addition to the free marketing features offered to providers who subscribe through local market organizers.

The solution is especially suitable for small businesses such as Etsy, Etsy Canada, Etsy Australia, Instagram Shop and Facebook Marketplace, but they are looking to attract more local traffic this summer and fall. The platform does most of the heavy lifting involved in a successful online marketing strategy, including search engine optimization, all on one easily accessible website.

Grammedit has already started to enjoy rave reviews from users for its effectiveness in helping companies capitalize on their digital marketing solutions. “We were very happy to have Grammedit as part of our market. It was a really good incentive for buyers and sellers. Vendors love it and we can’t wait to have them again as part of our market. “- Úrsula from Mini Regal Market.

To learn more about Grammedit and how to join the social selling revolution, visit: Grammedit can also be found on social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

About Grammedit

Grammedit’s mission is to help market organizers promote the growth of local micro and small businesses through additional marketing support. The platform aims to increase the visibility of small businesses online while proactively supporting their offline growth, with the goal of becoming an engine for small businesses and market development in their communities. local.

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