How can companies build the perfect digital marketing team in 2021?

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Every touchpoint must be tracked, campaign goals must be defined, the correct metrics must be implemented, and all hypotheses must be absolutely tested.

By Abhinav Arora

Three pivotal moments in recent years that influenced mass digital adoption in India: one, the launch of jio; two, demonetization; and three, the pandemic. As more eyes turn to digital, marketing should naturally be heading in that direction.

If you are someone who has not had a meaningful experience dealing digitally with consumers, it may be an uphill battle for you. In such a scenario, it is very tempting to outsource your “digital” marketing to a “digital marketing agency.” And anyway, there is no shortage of agencies of this type today.

But I’m here to tell you something different: you need an in-house digital marketing team. If you can’t find a marketing message that resonates with your audience, no one else will be able to either. You can’t outsource marketing in the way you probably expect. It has to be a core competency. Read on – I’ll cover a few tips to help you set up your in-house team.

What makes a modern digital marketing team?

A contemporary digital marketing team is very different from what it might have represented three years ago. We are in this new era of marketing that is moving away from simple advertising. Today’s times require a collaborative team made up of people trained in analytics, content, engineering, and user experience. All are data-driven and focused on a common goal: acquiring, retaining, and monetizing new customers for your business.

There are five key people you want on that team.

1. First and foremost is a data analyst

You must make sure you are monitoring everything. Every touchpoint must be tracked, campaign goals must be defined, the correct metrics must be implemented, and all hypotheses must be absolutely tested. Your job is to load and shoot, rinse and repeat. In a competitive market, you have to be there pitching ideas like content or ads; and testing them quickly. Duplicate what works and eliminate what doesn’t. It is a fast iteration game.

2. You need a leader (a VP of Marketing)

They must have experience in managing a team before. More importantly, they need to be able to collaborate well with the engineering (or product development) team and the user experience team. This is crucial because marketing doesn’t end with bringing in the prospect, nor does it end when the prospect becomes a customer, nor does it end when the customer has been with you for more than a year. It is always on!

3. You need a content creator

A content creator would create content across all of their customer touch points (it could be LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, or even their app / website) and by doing this they build an audience for their business. What does it mean to “build an audience”? It means making a group of people trust you. Content is an instrument that allows this: it generates trust among the people who consume it. It is the most effective way to build a brand today. If your content is engaging, people will keep coming back and one day they will convert.

4. The following is a UI / UX designer

Typically, your job is to create seamless experiences to ensure your product meets user needs. But when they work with a marketing team, their scope is to leverage consumer touchpoints to ensure rapid growth. This could mean reducing friction, understanding user behavior, and finding ways to generate virality within the product. The designer designs the experiments, the developers implement them, the analysts test them, and based on the results, the leader decides the course of action to take.

5. The last person on the list is a full-stack developer.

Because in today’s age, you will have to create more than just websites. She will be in charge of writing the code for her many experiments, be it a referral program or a loyalty program or creating a unique wallet system for her clients. It’s always a good idea to have a dedicated developer on your team to loan out to someone from other departments.

All in all

Assembling the perfect team can be overwhelming. What you are essentially looking for are people with an iterative mindset, who are open to getting results through trial and error, while continually optimizing for a better result.

The author is co-founder and CMO, Avalon Meta

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