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The young talent has risen to the top as one of the best public relations experts, digital marketers and entrepreneurs.

The constant developments and advancements of industries and sectors around the world demonstrate that the future is in safer hands, especially after knowing that most of these industries are led by many talented young people, who exude a different level of enthusiasm, tenacity and intelligence. It’s safe to say that most companies today are driven by the digital wave, which has spawned many new and emerging talents like Ali Haider Hussain.

This young talent is serving as the CEO of Haider Media, which is creating all the buzz right now for all the right reasons as a growing PR agency based in Mumbai, India. Today, Ali Haider Hussain has come forward to present the best digital marketing tips, according to him.

  • SEO optimization: Search engine optimization stands as one of the main points in a digital marketing plan. Using them wisely can lead brands and agencies to the success they want, explains Ali Haider Hussain. It’s the best when it comes to indexing a website on Google. A great SEO strategy would mean segmenting the queries you want to rank for and also include competitor analysis.
  • Video Marketing Adoption: One of the best things digital media has offered is the tools for creating amazing video content. Marketers need to optimize this opportunity and create outstanding video marketing plans, which have the power to drive more traffic, leads, and also connect with audiences.
  • Unique content creation – There are already tons of brands and businesses in the online world. It is a challenge to make a unique niche in it. However, it is not impossible, and for that, marketers need to create novel content, something that can have a deeper impact on audiences, invoking certain emotions, that makes them easily identify the brand.
  • Perfecting Email Strategy: Ali Haider Hussain explains that email strategies should not be underestimated as they can provide the highest return on investment, especially for small businesses. However, the copy must be concise and attractive enough to capture the reader’s attention.

As one of the youngest digital entrepreneurs and PR experts, Ali Haider Hussain has truly become an inspiration to many other newcomers to the industry. To learn more, follow him and his signature on Instagram @haiderceo and @ hussainmedia777.

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