“I would be lost if I hadn’t discovered marketing,” said digital marketer Sahed Ahmed.

Sahed Ahmed is a digital marketing expert who works as a digital marketing specialist at Fiverr. Sahed’s recognition is extensive, he is known as a Sahed Afridi self-employed worker. Sahed is one of the brightest young talents contributing to the digital marketing industry at Sylhet.

Sahed was born on March 4, 1997. Sylhet is her birthplace and also where she grew up, studied and currently works. Sahed completed her upper secondary studies at SCHOLARSHOME and continues with an undergraduate program at Madan Mohan College.


Sahed has many roles: he is an entrepreneur, digital marketing coach, SEO specialist, and social media consultant. He has been managing his freelance service for the last 5 years, with experience in the digital marketing, graphic design and web design sectors. Some of their usual services are social media marketing, website creation and design, website optimization, SEO and YouTube promotion, video marketing, music promotion, lead generation, email marketing, Facebook ads. , PPC and more.

The story behind the independent brand Sahed Afridi:

Sahed did not prefer working with others and was always passionate about doing something on her own. He faced and survived many challenging situations in life. The unexpected financial crisis in her family followed by her older sister’s resignation from her job pushed Sahed to work later. He was just a college student back then with the lowest grade. Sahed wanted to enjoy his life like boys his age but circumstances forced him to start a career. His career began doing various jobs but his expectations remained unfulfilled, then he adapted to self-employment as a profession.

Sahed took the opportunity to take a digital marketing course offered by Future IT Valley, with the help of her university professor. “At the time I did not know about freelance work and how to generate income through it, nor did I have enough fees to pay for the course. Somehow I managed to pay half the fees and bought a second hand laptop. After completing the course, I started to work hard. Due to my dedication, hard work from sleepless nights, little by little I started to earn money working as a freelancer.

Since then I have not looked back. My hard work paid off and I took on the responsibility of supporting my family. I will always be grateful to my teacher who was supportive and helped me through my difficult times. The Sahed Afridi you are seeing today is just because of him! “With three years of dedication and hard full-time work, Sahed was able to create the lifestyle he needed for himself and support his family, creating his brand identity. Now people know him more as a freelancer Sahed Afridi than as Sahed Ahmed.

Sahed’s work and life as a digital marketing trainer:

Sahed has worked with more than 500 clients around the world. Helped 428 businesses grow online. He has worked with many entrepreneurs, music artists, successful YouTubers, business strategists, and that allowed him to be more competent and skilled. Asked about her monthly income, Sahed replied, “The youth unemployment rate in Bangladesh is 11.56 percent and many may find that I brag about my income, but I love to motivate young people by exposing them and inspiring them to take the job. independent as the race to fight poverty due to unemployment “. Sahed earns between $ 3,000 and $ 4,000 a month as a full-time freelancer.

Sahed also works as an internal team for a US-based marketing agency.Referring to Sahed’s other role as a digital marketing trainer, he offers an extensive training program for new students from the last two years to train them in the mastery of digital media and marketing. Sahed’s students have also started earning after completing their training program and Sahed considers himself lucky when he learns of their success. His students are very happy to have a mentor like him and always approach him for questions and problems related to their projects.

Sahed has a very different teaching method, which is why students from different parts of Bangladesh are also interested in learning digital marketing with Afridi. In the last admission for his next DM training program, about 100 seats were reserved in one day.

Achievements and future goals:

Sahed has been working on fiverr since the beginning of his career and in the next few days he will receive the “Best Seller” badge on fiverr as he has already met all the requirements to be the best qualified. Sahed really worked hard and stayed committed to the job.

“For me, marketing was an absolute necessity. I would be lost if I hadn’t discovered marketing, ”said this enthusiastic Entrepreneur. Sahed has received multiple honors from different IT institutes for her contribution to the freelance community. Sahed recently received the “Best Freelancer Award – 2021” from Pxlhut Ltd. from Misbahur Rahman and the “Top Freelancer Award” from Roki Tech from Roki Roy.


Sahed has various hobbies and hobbies. Whenever he has time, he plays soccer and votes with his close friends. He likes to travel places, go out to eat, photograph, ride horses, etc. Try to stay physically fit and mentally satisfied by doing the above things. This allows you to work in a more organized way.

Contribution and future plans:

Sahed Ahmed contributed to the local and national autonomous community by providing them with excellent personalized support. Sahed believes that “the best marketers appreciate people. Whether they are clients or coworkers, we care about communities and help others. “Sahed’s younger brother, Tareqe Ahmed, is also a digital marketing expert. Sahed created a community group on Facebook called” Freelancer Sahed Afridi Group (Sylhet) “and gained nearly 14,000 members.

The community is full of novice freelancers. Sahed receives hundreds of marketing and freelancing related questions in the group every day and does her best to answer them. In the coming days, Sahed wants to help unemployed youth overcome their financial confinement through their training and help the country earn more remittances.

Posted on June 26, 2021

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