Is influencer marketing questionable during the pandemic?

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The field of influencer marketing is here to say so, opening up some significant opportunities for brands that are properly leveraging this tool.

By Neha Puri

The pandemic opened new avenues in the field of digital marketing due to the sudden increase in digital media traffic. With this came an unexpected increase in the rapid adaptation of influencer marketing strategies by brands around the world, including India.

Influencers who are generally “digital first creators” have a strength in their digital audience due to personalized interactions that help build trust and authenticity. People are constantly looking to influencers for personal tips, advice, and content, and they follow them religiously in various cases, which is the power of influencer marketing. People enjoy listening to influencers providing solutions and engaging their minds while locked in. Therefore, brands are continually focused on harnessing this energy of authentic and prevalent voices for the promotion of their products / services.

Is influencer marketing questionable during the pandemic?

Influencer marketing is an ever-growing avenue that fosters an integrated path across multiple fields. The return on investment (ROI) and scope of influencer marketing has made it a topic that brands wanting to promote their ideas, concept, products or services can no longer overlook. The new regulation of the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) which obliges all influencers linked to promotional content in India to carry a disclaimer indicating the status as advertisement / advertisement, has started discussions between teams of brand marketing.

However, an important aspect here is to keep in mind that influencers are like celebrities who promote products in television commercials. Therefore, the only change in perspective should be to perceive influencers as brand ambassadors. This will also help connect the brand with the influencer, which will generate a greater impact on the audience.

The pandemic is only magnifying the field of influencer marketing, helping brands merge the digital marketplace with their influencer marketing strategy, slowly turning it into a primary advertising medium rather than a secondary one. Aside from this, here are some other things brands should follow:

  • Adapt a more inclusive approach to influencer marketing and communicate this in upcoming social media influencer campaigns. The need of the moment is to revitalize the influential brand model by updating it beyond the limitations of a business model.
  • Rather than simply asking influencers to promote their products in stories / posts / storefronts / websites etc, brands should focus on highlighting the business aspects / ideas that lay the foundation for the brand. This will help develop a stronger brand image that will lead to sales in the long run.
  • In the case of F&B brands, the focus should be on the chef, the environment, and sanitization. The ideology and purpose / vision of the brand should be reflected in the advertising campaigns that connect people with the brand. While digital media has a large number of users, due to the vulnerability of the platforms, authenticity and authenticity are the key to growth and therefore make sure your content reflects the same.
  • Brands must focus on delivering value to customers. Share recipes, DIYs, tips and methods to help customers benefit from your brand even without investing money. On digital platforms, consider your audience’s time as money, and through every brand interaction on the influencer’s platform, it should not just be the influencer that connects, but also your brand that leaves a mark through. of the message.

These are very crucial times and people are struggling to cope with something or the other. Therefore, brands should think the same and offer help and kindness, rather than just selling their products. For example, various brands are now using influencer marketing as a means of telling stories and generating user-engaging content to convey important social messages.
The pandemic also caused certain brands to halt product promotions to clear the digital space and float Covid-related information. However, this is not a permanent step and sooner or later brands will have to promote their product again. The idea is to do it in a subtle way without damaging people’s sensitive feelings.

In general, the field of influencer marketing is here to say so, opening up some major opportunities for brands that are properly leveraging this tool. Remember that digital media has to do with time and messaging.

The author is CEO and founder of Vavo Digital. The opinions expressed are personal

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