Is it worth including them in your digital marketing campaign?

Micro-influencers: Is it worth including them in your digital marketing campaign?

June 24, 2021

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Currently the topic of Influencer Marketing is on everyone’s lips, many wonder how necessary it is to integrate influencers into their digital marketing strategies, and if it really generates tangible benefits for their brands.

In my experience I have seen how in recent years several brands have invested part of their advertising resources to support Influence marketing , to better position yourself in the market, increase your number of customers, stay in the taste of consumers and others. The figures that prove it.

According to the 2021 Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report Study , prepared by Influencer MarketingHub, estimates that the market value of influencer marketing will reach $ 13.8 billion by the end of 2021. In addition, it estimates that companies are currently allocating 40% of their marketing budgets to this area.

What is undeniable is that the Influencer Marketing market has matured as an industry in recent years and has managed to generate an environment of credibility and trust for brands, which are increasingly turning to it to increase their sales or the number of customers. .

Choose the correct one

How do I know what kind of influencers are the ones that could give good results to my brand? The answer would be: those that give you the results you are looking for, that is, they depend on the objective you want to achieve when carrying out said campaign.

Although for some the answer would seem obvious, and they would say “mega-influencers are the ones that give the best results”, due to the massive reach of followers they have, on the contrary, we have found that in many cases this is not the case.

To tell the truth, Micro-influencers are the ones that in recent years have been gaining ground, and have become the ‘preferred’ of many companies, because they have demonstrated their ability to provide greater returns on the investment made.

With the experience of executing more than 400 campaigns, I have observed that this type of influencers have the advantage of managing more segmented audiences or niches, which allows them to make more targeted messages and therefore generate greater engagement with their audience.

You are probably wondering: what is the use of investing in this type of strategy if my company is not a large company? Will what I invest in this area really bring me a return on investment? Will Micro Influencers really add value to me? brand?

What good is investing in micro influencers if my company is not a large company? / Image:

To answer these questions, here are some advantages that I have found using this type of character in the campaigns of different clients and company sizes:

Less is more: The fact that these figures have a community of less than 10,000 followers does not mean that their content does not take effect, but quite the opposite, since they are focused on more specific and specialized niches, their audience becomes a captive audience. Also, your interactions are more authentic and this builds more credibility with your audience. This means that your company has a better chance of obtaining the results you are looking for by making use of these types of influencers.

Investment within reach : Your company does not need to make large investments to make use of Micro Influencers in its digital marketing strategy, much less run the risk of decapitalization, these figures are generally more accessible, since they do not charge much and with a lower budget you can do great things with them. In addition, they often turn out to be more flexible when negotiating, which makes it easier to reach a good agreement.

Performance meters: If at this time, you have no idea how to start implementing this type of strategy, I recommend you go to expert platforms in ´Performance-Influencer Marketing´, since they can advise you on how this whole issue works, in addition, they will help you execute campaigns where you can verify their effectiveness without having to pay a peso until you see results.

This is possible thanks to the work model that Cost per Action (CPA) uses; that will allow you to know in detail the real return on the investment vs the Cost per Action, or rather by result.

Valuable information: Due to the interaction and close relationship that these influencers have with their followers, and it must be said by the number of the group, celebrities can respond in a more personalized way, exchange comments and interact more with them in every way. This offers you the opportunity, as a brand, to get to know your consumers better and more easily identify what the main concerns are, through the feedback that the influencer receives. And that is why, as a brand, it offers you interesting information to generate better quality content.

In my experience, when brands carry out their campaigns through Performance Influencer Marketing platforms, they achieve impacts almost immediately, since the startup campaigns will have a greater and better segmentation of the Influencers that will participate in it, and therefore the capacity to obtain specific results such as: sales identification number, leads, new users and even downloads from your mobile application, if you wish. This of course, as a result of the posts generated by the celebrities involved.

There is no doubt that Micro-nfluencers are gaining more and more relevance in the field of Influencer Marketing. Therefore, your company should not stop including them in its digital marketing plans, if your goal is not only to increase your sales, but to reach your consumers in a more direct and effective way.

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