James L. Paterek Offers His Best Small Business Marketing Tips

Business executive James L. Paterek recently provided his best advice for small business marketing.

Marketing can be a major expense for small business owners. However, experts like business executive James L. Paterek know that it doesn’t have to be this way. Recently, he talked about his top tips for small business marketing.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been catastrophic for many small businesses,” said James L. Paterek. “But there are several ways that marketing can save these small businesses and help them thrive after a pandemic.”

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James L. Paterek explained that, right now, digital marketing is one of the most important aspects of marketing for small businesses to master. This is because digital marketing tends to be more affordable than traditional print advertising and can reach a much wider audience. Practical examples of digital marketing include:

Frequent posts on social networks.

Creation of a newsletter.

Advertising on websites related to your product or service.

Advertising on social media is usually very affordable or even free, which means that all small businesses must be active on these channels.

“Face-to-face communication and advertising are much more limited today than before,” said James L. Paterek. “It is more important now than ever for small businesses to build a strong social media presence. This is one of the most profitable ways to reach your potential customers and clients. “

Paterek added that all small businesses should focus on creating a user-friendly website. He explained that companies that currently do not have a website are basically invisible in their markets. Building a long website that explains services, locations, contact information, and even potential purchases can significantly increase the amount of traffic your business sees.

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“One of the simplest but most effective ways for small business owners to advertise is to always carry business cards,” said Paterek. “Business cards are inexpensive to create and can be handed out to prospective suppliers, customers, and employees. You never know when a great opportunity will arise, but you will be prepared if you have business cards in hand. “

Paterek added that small business owners must network within their communities and with other small business owners. Networking, whether online or in person, helps create countless referrals. Networking relationships can also lead to other opportunities, such as investors and other important new contacts.

“Hiring an in-house marketer can help your small business grow at a much faster rate if it is within your budget,” concluded James L. Paterek. “An excellent marketer can improve your online marketing presence, as well as your print advertising and your contacts. Spending the money to have an in-house marketer can save you significant marketing dollars in the long run. “

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