Mrkt360 is investing in today’s youth to become a leader in tomorrow’s digital marketing world

Through lessons, activities, and client contributions, our internship program ensures that you will learn to the fullest during your time with Mrkt360.

“I’ve been learning a lot, getting so much hands-on experience and honestly having a lot of fun. With the tasks everyone has been assigning us, I realize how much I enjoy the job and want to pursue a career in this.” – Former intern Sidra Shaikh

Mrkt360 has designed a digital marketing and sales internship where participants are trained in the use of advertising platforms such as: Google, Facebook and YouTube. Additionally, interns are well-trained in outreach sales techniques such as cold calling and email marketing. The program was introduced with the goal of teaching students the skills they will need to thrive in a professional environment. The Mrkt360 Internship Program aims to ensure that a more efficient and talented digital marketing industry is developed.

Mrkt360 is a Toronto, Ontario-based digital marketing agency specializing in creating marketing solutions across multiple ad platforms (Google, Facebook, and YouTube). Mrkt360 develops effective digital marketing strategies for its clients with the inclusion of generating brand image and presence in social networks.

The internship program focuses on three core competencies; creativity, efficiency and strategy. Effective and compelling marketing strategies are based on these three principles. Our internship program ensures that participants learn about these competencies by using lessons, activities, and contributions to clients’ projects as forms of learning.

The lessons are similar to the short conference sessions that are held on a regular basis. Lesson topics can be something specific, such as the benefit of Microsoft Ads for a B2B customer, or something much more abstract, such as how to design ads that can be emotionally connected.

Activity plans are used to demonstrate the creative and strategic side of marketing. They offer hands-on, hands-on experience where interns can help design logos, images, videos, or recommend audiences for a specific campaign. These tasks are numerous but short to offer a wide range of diverse activities.

Client contributions are monitored by our internship team. They can range from meeting and hiring a client (for which commission-based financial incentives are provided), to much smaller tasks, such as helping with the writing of a specific set of ads.

The main objective is to ensure that interns have as much knowledge and practical education as possible during the duration of the program. Learning through lessons, assignments, or follow-up customer interactions gives participants the opportunity to see what digital marketing looks like on a day-to-day basis on Mrkt360.

Mrkt360 is committed to developing and improving the digital marketing industry as a whole. This is symbolized by our dedication to teaching the next generation of marketers, collaborating with partners, and staying at the forefront of technological change. Announced last week, Mrkt360 has formed alliances with Comuniquemos Hoy and 4Latam to introduce a new advertising feature, Display and Video 360 (DV360), in Latin American markets. DV360 is Google’s latest advertising feature and is expected to become the go-to platform for marketing purposes over time. This collaboration between Mrkt360, Comuniquemos Hoy and 4Latam is expected to improve the effectiveness and creativity of the marketing strategies used by the three firms.

Mrkt360 is becoming a major force in the digital marketing industry and its social and corporate goals are crucial to that development. Our firm is constantly expanding and looking for the next possible way to grow and improve the digital marketing industry. Our hope is to become a trusted leader within the industry, committed not only to customers, but also to partners, students, and also to the industry of tomorrow.

This article was written by Abdul-Dhahir Ajani and edited by Nicolas Minardi.

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Mrkt360 is investing in today’s youth to become a leader in tomorrow’s digital marketing world

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