Nanda Tiwari on How Digital Marketing Can Drive Your Business Growth

Nanda Tiwari

Things have taken a 180 degree turn in the wake of the pandemic. The use of computers, laptops and mobiles may never have been as high as now. There are approximately 4.6 billion Internet users worldwide, with mobile phones being the best means of access with 91 percent of Internet users worldwide. There has also been a rapid increase in the number of first-time digital users; currently being the digital medium the only option.

With emerging market trends, consumer behavior is also evolving. This has been marked by a significant increase in digital communication and social applications during the pandemic. With real-world meetings on hold, social platforms have become the key to maintaining a connection.

So it’s no wonder that brands and businesses have started to adapt to this new normal and shift towards the digital arena. This is where companies like NanzVision are born. As the digital marketing agency works to improve your brand image, you will have time to maximize your efforts to run the business, connect with potential people, work on new goals, and generate new business opportunities.

Given the times when online brand reputation is everything, hiring a digital marketing agency has become of the utmost importance and with the help of NanzVision you can successfully create strong word of mouth that could ruin your business.

Ensuring that your brand has a professional tone of voice and is consistent is the key to a growing business, Nanzvision offers a strong digital presence that maintains the reputation and enhancement of your brand.

Nanda Tiwari, the founder of NanzVision is an exemplary digital marketing expert and deep brand strategist who with her advanced knowledge has helped various entrepreneurs and brands grow into successful organizations. The visionary entrepreneur talks about the importance of using advanced technology and tools to achieve a strong digital presence and how these strategies can help you carve out a niche for your brand or organization.

Increase customer loyalty

With a large number of options available in the market, it costs more to attract and convert new customers than it does to retain existing customers. A retained customer can make another purchase or recommend your brand to others, helping to increase sales. So to retain customers, you have to stay in touch with them and digital marketing makes it easier than ever.

Target the right audience

Targeting the right audience is the most important phase of a successful brand. The smaller the target audience, the greater your reach. And hiring a digital marketing expert can guide you through ways and tactics to reach your potential target audience for better results and massive reach.

Optimize and get better conversion rates

Unlike traditional marketing, which includes expensive television, radio, or print ads, online advertising platforms are much more affordable. Digital advertising makes it easy as every interaction is tracked. You will instantly know how many people are seeing your ad and what actions they are taking, helping you to reshape your strategies from time to time and get the right results.

Accurately measure all results

The biggest advantage of digital marketing is the ability to measure results in real time and take timely action for future developments. With digital marketing, you can measure everything that is worth measuring. From the moment the ad is clicked until the visitor leaves the page. Everything! You can determine how many people saw your ad, how many sales resulted from the ad, and ultimately your return on investment (ROI). Data analysis software (such as Google Analytics) and social media or advertising platforms (such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads) make this monitoring or measurement possible.

It is necessary to evolve with emerging trends and it is all the more true in the case of consumer behavior, which is an entity in constant change. Once again, it is consumer habits regarding the purchase and consumption of content that have revolutionized the entire digital landscape of the world and NanzVision is strengthened to meet these growing demands of consumers and transform the digital environment in favor of those. they need it.

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