New Report Emphasizes The Importance Of Authentic Marketing Content To The Hospitality And Tourism Industries

The report, produced by travel research authority PhocusWire in association with TINT, finds that many brands are experiencing a temporary increase in participation due to pent-up demand after more than a year of travel restrictions and prolonged closures. Brands must seize this opportunity to lay the foundation for future success by building relationships and thus brand affinity with travelers.

“Now is the time for travel brands, and those heavily dependent on tourism, to embrace this new paradigm and understand how customer expectations have changed,” he said. Sameer kamat, CEO of TINT. “It has never been more important to articulate authenticity, transparency and trust in all marketing and communication channels.”

Key findings of the study

  • Ensuring safe and flexible travel – Both travelers and “vacationers” look for guarantees of quality, safety and flexibility. More than 70% of travelers expect information on booking changes, cancellations and cleaning protocols to be available before booking.
  • User-generated content on branded content – Content created by real consumers and trusted influencers alleviates travel worries and aids in conversion. 97% of the people who were influenced by social media had also discussed a recent pleasure trip with a trusted source. (through a voice call, an in-person conversation, or digital methods like email or social media).
  • Affordable social commerce – Travelers who were influenced by social content were more likely to book through mobile or social channels. More than 30% of social network users will make at least one purchase directly through the social platform of their choice; which means that brands with an emphasis on social media or digital marketing must also invest in social commerce and social shopping technologies.
  • Staffing depends on defense of employees – Faced with “The Great Resignation”, brand trust is not just about marketing to the public, but also about communicating with current and future employees. Employee advocacy is stepping out of HR and moving closer to marketing and communications.
  • Brand trust and affinity are the future of travel marketing – Trendwatching indicates six trends driven by social media that will affect tourism and hospitality organizations over the next three years: social commerce, physical and digital accessibility, hybrid experiences, sustainability, the new business trips and hyper-personalization.

The report also considers the impact of COVID-19 on traveler expectations and social media usage, alongside “The Way Forward,” a framework for the creation and application of social content by travel brands.

The report is available at

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