People’s Association convenes a large number of launches covering public relations, digital marketing, and social media.


The People’s Association (PA) is looking for an agency to manage public relations tasks for 12 months. The agency will manage the media for planned executions of key programs, ad hoc human interest stories, and media relations for physical and online workshops, webinars and events. According to the bidding document seen by MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, the designated agency must present and ensure maximum media coverage for the authority’s courses, initiatives, and stakeholders, including but not limited to communication plans, media engagement, media coverage, media monitoring , problem management and quarterly reports.

The agency will also need to provide a team of at least four members to manage the account. Of the four members, there must be at least two dedicated employees who will work with PA for all public relations matters throughout the contract period, serving media engagements and media opportunities as needed. The tender closes on July 12 at 4:00 p.m.

Meanwhile, PA also launched a tender for public relations and / or digital marketing services for North East CDC for 12 months, according to a Gebiz tender. The designated agency will be responsible for strategic consulting, media coverage, media materials, media management, branding, media monitoring, and crisis communication. On the digital marketing services front, the agency will manage communication management, content creation and campaign management, social media growth, and engagement, reporting, and consulting strategy. The designated agency must also provide a dedicated designer for digital marketing services. The contest closes on July 13 at 4:00 p.m.

At the same time, PA is also looking for an agency to manage the PAssion Card social media channels for two years with the option to extend it for another. Under the Gebiz tender, PA seeks to primarily target PAssion Card members, followed by the wider community that has social media accounts. It currently has a presence on Facebook, Telegram and Instagram, and the agency will be in charge of monthly reviews and reports, the provision of a calendar of publications and campaigns on the wall, the conceptualization of the design and the adaptation of any work of art, as well as innovative creative offers. contests and campaigns.

Additionally, the designated agency must also propose, purchase and manage the purchase of ads for PAssion Card social media channels based on a provisional sum of SG $ 36,000 per year on a refundable basis. He will also provide and manage key thought leaders for six PAssion Card social media campaigns. The Gebiz tender closes on July 19 at 4:00 p.m.

PA was caught up in a cultural PR storm last month when it used photos from Sarah Bagharib’s wedding without prior notice or proper permission. The images were used as part of Radin Mas SMC’s Hari Raya decorations at the Tiong Bahru orchid farm. Bagharib, founder of the female empowerment platform Crazycat, criticized PA for using decorations that were culturally confusing. She added that she was “disappointed and frustrated to see the confusing cultural message” in the People’s Association’s use of a photograph of a bride and groom in traditional Malay attire with traditional Malay wedding symbols to herald the “ostensible celebration of Hari Raya. “from the Palestinian Authority she said is a completely different cultural event.

PA said it has since apologized unreservedly to Bagharib and her husband for the mistake and offered to meet to apologize in person and explain the steps it has taken to prevent such incidents from recurring. In an Instagram post, PA explained that it will establish a resource panel to guide and advise its staff on cultural matters. It will also intensify training efforts to enhance understanding and appreciation of different cultures by staff and volunteers.

That said, PA responded to Bagharib’s claims in an Instagram Live interview on June 7 that the incident “perpetuates racist culture.” “This is not true. While the error may have been careless and culturally insensitive, it was not racist,” PA said.

According to PA, Bagharib’s recent public posts also asked netizens to share their messages or suggestions with PA, which will be shared with PA during the meeting. In light of this, PA said it appears the meeting was being appropriated as a platform to channel the opinions and comments of people unrelated to the incident. Therefore, he canceled the meeting with Bagharib. “All of this led us to believe that Bagharib’s purpose in agreeing to meet with us had gone far beyond the Radin Mas incident,” PA said in the Instagram post.

Nonetheless, PA said it will continue to keep these conversations moving and work hard to expand their common space. Most netizens, however, were enraged by PA’s cancellation of the meeting. Some commented on their Instagram post that PA should consider reviewing their marketing and communications team with one calling it a “ridiculous and half-hearted apology.”

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