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BENGALURU, MUMBAI Y New delhi, india, June 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – SALESmanago (, a leading provider of Customer Experience and Data Platforms (CDXP) in Europe and USA and Encircl LLC (, a wholly owned US subsidiary of Aghreni Technologies Pvt Ltd (, based in Bengaluru, India, owner of the popular ‘Kenscio’ brand and a leading digital marketing products and services company serving customers around the world, announced the marketing and support partnership to promote the AI-based SALESmanago sales success, Customer 360° Platform for global clients and in particular for Indian companies.

E-commerce is driving companies around the world to implement highly reliable and scalable CDP software to capture customer data from online and offline systems and present a 360° visualization of customer information for effective communication and marketing engagement. If these systems are built in with execution capabilities for various types of communication and engagement, then it becomes much more effective than a separate customer data platform. Leveraging AI and ML technologies, SALESmanago addresses both of these needs with its products and services.

SALESmanago serves over 2000 clients across multiple industry verticals including retail, e-commerce, banking and finance, consumer goods, to name a few. Europe, the USA Y Asia.

The partnership with Kenscio & Encircl will enable SALESmanago to offer its CDXP platform to global and Indian companies by leveraging Kenscio’s presence, reach, digital marketing expertise, and expertise in serving clients in India and rest of the world. Similarly, Kenscio will not only market the platform jointly, but will also offer professional services around the SALESmanago platform.

Commenting on the association, Manjunatha KG, founder and CEO of Aghreni Technologies (Brand Kenscio & Encircl) said: “The partnership with SALESmanago will help Kenscio & Encircl improve their portfolio of products and services and allows us to offer an integrated product for customer experience and data and omnichannel capabilities eliminating the integration, implementation and service problems faced by customers Indian companies in multiple verticals will benefit from an additional option to choose from with SALESmanago. Kenscio believes there will be exciting times ahead with the new offerings in his portfolio. “

Commenting on the new initiative to partner with Aghreni Technologies (Brand – Kenscio), Grzegorz Blazewicz, Founder and CEO of SALESmanago said: “The partnership with Kenscio will allow us to further enhance our presence in Pacific Asia Y middle East markets, which is one of the fastest growing markets and adopts new technologies for business. SALESmanago’s CDXP platform can be a differentiator for companies that embrace it as their integrated customer experience and data platform. We are excited about the idea of ​​working with Indian and Asian companies and we are also learning from them to further enrich our product platform. “

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About SALESmanago

SALESmanago (www.salesmanago) creates and provides a comprehensive customer data and marketing automation platform. Based in Krakow, Poland, the company employs 300 highly experienced consultants, data scientists and engineers. SALESmanago works internationally through an extensive network of more than 1000 reseller partners.

SALESmanago solutions cover all the key challenges of modern e-commerce, such as increasing revenue and converting inbound and outbound activities, driving overall marketing effectiveness, driving consistent omnichannel communication, optimizing the purchase process, and managing the complete life cycle of the client. SALESmanago helps improve all kinds of marketing metrics and KPIs. As a no-code solution, it is available to all businesses and is easy to integrate. All users are fully supported by educational materials and the help of customer success advisers. Among a variety of SALESmanago features, everyone can find solutions perfectly tailored to their needs.

About Aghreni Technologies (Brand – Kenscio)

Kenscio ( is a leading technology-driven digital marketing agency with its corporate office in Bengaluru and sales offices in Bombay and Gurugram. Encircl LLC (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aghreni has a presence in the UK and USA to address the needs of those markets. Driven by customer success, Kenscio is an ISO / IEC 27001/2013 certified digital marketing technology and services company that is compliant with the European GDPR process. Established in 2009 as an email service provider, Kenscio has since evolved through multiple success stories and is now a full-fledged 360-degree digital marketing products and services company.

Widely known for his expertise in the digital marketing niche, over the past 12 years Kenscio has developed various business applications and processes that enable him to support marketers in executing high-performance marketing campaigns. Be a pioneer of email marketing in India, his understanding of the trends and importance of the brand is also noteworthy. From design thinking, UX excellence, strategy planning, and content brilliance to campaign performance, delivery success, automation, and integration, Kenscio is truly driven by insights.

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