Samrat Biswajit, renowned digital marketing expert and co-founder of Arc Digitech, shares his career path in an interview.

Samrat Biswajit

Pune-based digital marketing agency Arc Digitech co-founder, managing director and content manager Samrat Biswajit spoke about his early experiences and motivations in a recent interview. Samrat Biswajit is an expert in digital marketing, public relations consulting, and search engine optimization services. His company, Arc Digitech, is a leading digital marketing agency working with hundreds of brands from India and around the world.

To interview: Mr. Biswajit, when you entered the world of digital marketing, it was not a highly developed and encouraged platform. What were your thoughts on his condition back then?

Samrat Biswajit: In 2013, when I started Arc Digitech, it was cooler. But even I was able to recognize that there was a lack of creative and talented digital marketing agencies that were independent. I remember thinking that no one should have to spend more time or money looking for quality services. And he had decided that it would make it easier for customers to obtain quality services.

To interview: In 2013, digital marketing was not considered a reliable career option. Many people didn’t even know anything about it. So, Mr. Biswajit, why did you choose this path? What were your motivations for starting Arc Digitech?

Samrat Biswajit: From my youth, I have always been motivated by creative things and innovative minds. And starting with Arc Digitech was an opportunity to channel my creativity. Since then, my primary focus has been to provide high-quality content writing, marketing and public relations consulting services to leading national and international companies.

To interview: In the current situation, the whole world is facing a crisis. Many companies have gone through huge losses and many just carry on day after day. Mr. Biswajit, how is your digital marketing agency helping you through this difficult period?

Samrat Biswajit: Our company is focused on helping our clients and their brands overcome the obstacles presented by this tech-savvy world. Our team is quite determined to provide high-quality, impactful digital marketing services to our clients amid the escalating pandemic.

To interview: Mr. Biswajit, people often view degrees and qualifications, and certain fields like digital marketing, as separate entities. Was it the same for you? Or has your knowledge, in some way, helped you advance on the path of life that you have chosen?

Samrat Biswajit: I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in technology, so I’ve always had an advantage when it comes to getting into the technicalities of things. My education and knowledge have helped me a lot in various industries. It is because they all have one thing in common and that is technology.

To interview: Mr. Biswajit, we all know that your company is a preferable option, not only in India, but in several countries. You must have to deal with multiple clients from different parts of the world every day. Would you consider sharing how, in addition to your excellent consulting services in digital marketing and public relations, you manage to maintain your trust?

Samrat Biswajit: Talking and dealing with customers is an art in itself. Everyone has their own expectations. You just need to discover their weak points and make sure, both with your words and with your services, that they are well taken care of.

To interview: Arc Digitech started about 8 years ago. And in these 8 years, global digital marketing has undergone a great revolution. It has developed and grown at such a rapid rate. As the co-founder and CEO of the leading digital marketing agency, how do you ensure your business stays in the flow?

Samrat Biswajit: Changes are inevitable and necessary parts of our lives. And adaptation is the only way to survive. Therefore, I make sure that my company and all employees are always ready to adapt and learn new things according to the changing marketing landscape.

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