Solera Launches New Marketing Solution To Target Lost Aftermarket Customers

Solera Holdings, an industry leader in empowering automotive dealers, OEMs, and aftermarket companies with a robust technology platform that engages customers at various critical points during the lifecycle of their vehicle, has launched Digital Marketing Services, a new prospecting solution aimed at targeting the anonymous buyer. and inactive or lost customers.

Digital marketing services provide access to a full set of new channels, unleashing the potential for business revenue growth through the acquisition of new customers. These additional prospecting services complement the already comprehensive omnichannel marketing solutions offered by Solera AutoPoint today.

Paid search program service has a unique structure to put the dealership, OEM and aftermarket business front and center of the SERP, when prospects are doing “reactive” searches, such as responding to a check engine light or a fuel gauge. oil change on the dash of your vehicle. Marketers can expect successful interactions with a conversion twice as high as traditional industry benchmarks.

Facebook and Display for service provides dealers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and aftermarket companies the ability to identify and target potential customers who own a particular make / model of vehicle, live within a specific geographic area, and are “in the service market “. This unique offer will also allow you to connect with customers who are “known defectors.”

Dynamic Inventory Ads for Facebook and Display offers dealers the ability to put the right car in front of the right person, at the right time, by matching vehicles from the dealer’s new or used inventory to the vehicle customers have been purchasing on the web or previously on the web dealership site.

“This is truly the next generation of automotive marketing and a powerful means of reaching anonymous buyers in the marketplace when and where they are researching,” said Alberto Cairo, CEO of Solera Automotive Dealer Business.

“Our digital marketing services are an excellent complement to our current omnichannel marketing suite of solutions that allows auto dealers, OEMs and aftermarket companies a guaranteed opportunity to target people when they are ready to buy, maximizing potential engagement and revenue growth, ”Cairo said. .

For more information about Solera AutoPoint and its omnichannel marketing services, visit:

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