Stirista reveals results of digital marketing agency’s data strategy survey

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“Agencies and their representative brands are increasingly compelled to deliver high-quality campaigns with measurable and attributable results. However, purchasing data is very complex and often undervalued. It is an isolated and prestigious initiative. “–Stirista, Vice President of Marketing, Will Kunkel

Stirista today offers a clearer picture of how digital marketing agencies buy and use data today, from a digital marketing agency data strategy survey conducted by digital marketing research firm Thrive Analytics in April. 2021. Important findings announced. A survey of 50 agencies worldwide by Adtech and Martech found that one of the two agencies outsourced consumer and B2B data, with unique data quality and data effectiveness in buying and using data. It turned out to be the most important aspect.

“Agencies and their representative brands are increasingly forced to deliver high-quality campaigns with measurable and attributable results, but small boutiques from very large holding companies. Until then, buying data is a very complex endeavor, often undervalued and isolated, ”said Will Kunkel, Vice President of Marketing for Boutique. “As our research shows, the vast majority of institutions believe that they need to provide valid, high-quality data, but it is increasingly uncertain whether they are actually receiving the data. I’m sure. ”

Leverage data essential to agency success

Almost two-thirds of the agencies surveyed say that data utilization is an important business imperative. The agency also reported that the biggest data needs were marketing strategy (52%), content creation (41%), and lead generation (39%). In addition, almost 50% of agencies want account-based management (ABM) and more than a third offer connected television services (CTV) today. This indicates that accurate quality data is an urgent requirement.

High expectations for data quality

Regarding the pillars of data quality, the agency’s respondents said that the uniqueness, validity (39%) and precision (33%) of data quality are of the utmost importance. Eight of the ten institutions also said they feel that meeting data quality expectations is a realistic expectation for data quality providers. When looking for a data provider, data quality (79%), provider reputation (56%), and data privacy / security (54%) are the main drivers of decision making.

Research methodology

The findings from the Digital Marketing Agencies Study were derived from an online panel conducted by Thrive Analytics. Data was collected from 150 professionals with various degrees in 50 US advertising / marketing agencies between April 23-30, 2021.

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About Stirista

Stirista is a data-driven marketing cloud that combines the power of trusted identity data with omnichannel marketing execution. Through a data-centric and customer-centric approach, Stirista helps Fortune 500 and mid-market brands like Great Clips, Oracle, and Verizon increase brand loyalty and attract new customers. Stirista’s privacy-compliant data insights help clients engage with customers and prospects through digital, email, and social channels. For more information, visit: ..


Stirista Source Link Reveals Digital Marketing Agency Data Strategy Survey Results

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