This startup leverages AI and NFT to predict digital marketing strategy


Creating a digital marketing strategy can be a daunting task these days. There are many options to choose from, but each brand and company is unique. Using artificial intelligence, as Ojamu does, may be the next frontier.

Transforming digital marketing

There is a growing focus on digital marketing strategies to meet the needs of today’s brands and businesses. It does not replace physical marketing in any way, but the digital aspect cannot be overlooked these days. Thanks to social media and other tools, it’s now easier than ever to find brands online and engage with them like never before.

Implementing such a digital plan requires a very different approach. Each brand has its own requirements and preferences, so no two strategies are the same. It is essential to diversify one’s focus as much as possible to create something memorable. MarTech, or marketing technology, is an exciting industry in this regard.

Using innovative technologies to enhance the attractiveness of MarTech is crucial. For example, Ojamu, a blockchain-based service provider, leverages artificial intelligence to enhance its MarTech approach. Additionally, the company sees potential in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to help businesses and brands increase their exposure online.

How it all comes together

Combining blockchain, Ai and NFT is not easy. Ojamu embraces artificial intelligence to harness millions of data points and provide brands with the information they need. Its automated blockchain-based solutions help turn this information into a viable digital marketing strategy. Under the hood, the team uses a neural predictive engine to provide the necessary infrastructure for its customers’ offerings.

As a cross-chain solution capable of spanning multiple leading blockchains, the use of proprietary artificial intelligence tools helps predict effective digital marketing solutions. Additionally, to access the services and products offered by Ojamu, customers must use NFT, creating immediate value for non-fungible tokens within this ecosystem. An unusual approach, although one that can highlight the potential of NFT technology.

The neural predictive engine, based on artificial intelligence, analyzes all the data collected by Ojamu and uses prediction algorithms to create a personalized digital marketing strategy. As a result, Ojamu provides the highest probability based solution presented in a convenient roadmap format that any company or brand can follow and target accordingly. Plus, as an automated platform, the team is confident that it can greatly increase the likelihood of success for any vertical industry.

The use of blockchain makes this intelligent platform capable of examining hundreds of millions of unique data points. All data is fed into proprietary AI-based algorithms and machine learning. This approach is far superior to human execution, which is often slower, less accurate, and much more expensive. Having more data points will allow you to create better marketing strategies that have a greater chance of success.

Final thoughts

It is commendable to see companies explore new opportunities in the MarTech industry. Using blockchain technology for automation and combining it with artificial intelligence can unlock many potential use cases. Using this technology for digital marketing can help brands and companies access new global markets that would otherwise remain inaccessible using other methods.

Additionally, a focus on safety is critical in this industry. For Ojamu, that aspect is addressed by focusing heavily on decentralized storage platforms to fragment user files and distribute them across multiple networks. Eliminating any central point of failure or database-driven approach to the equation is paramount.

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