WebFindYou adds a new live chat component to its unique all-in-one digital marketing technology

This new feature further enhances the value of WebFindYou technology, which is optimized to increase visibility and conversion rates.

MIAMI, July 7, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – WebFindYou is pleased to announce the launch of its new live chat component, the latest innovation in its true and unique all-in-one digital marketing technology. The new feature further enhances the value of WebFindYou technology, which is optimized to increase visibility and conversion rates, while optimizing communications with existing and potential customers.

The new live chat feature further positions WebFindYou technology as the ideal solution to maximize visibility, leads, and sales with optimal conversion rates in mind. Each component of the technology is combined to create a converting machine that enables users to gain greater brand awareness, financial returns, and profits, all at an affordable price.

Online customer chats have become an integral part of helping businesses increase conversions, return on investment (ROI), and return on advertising investment (ROAS). According to the ICMI.com article, The Stats Behind Chat, companies with live chat options increased chat rates by up to 40%. Additionally, a recent 99Firms article on live chat statistics found that 63% of consumers who used live chat on a website were likely to return to that site.

Unlike the plethora of other chat services on the market, WebFindYou’s live chat feature is integrated into its true and unique all-in-one digital marketing technology, thus providing a better understanding of data. about the customer journey with a brand. Before speaking to a customer, the chat agent receives data information describing all the traceable interactions a customer has ever had with the brand, including how they got to the website, click-through rates on pieces of email marketing, engagement with social media posts, shopping cart ID for ecommerce websites, and more.

This is ideal for businesses as it provides them with a customer’s behavior patterns before they speak to them, allowing them to better understand the customer’s mindset when it comes to products and services. Not only will this help improve conversion rates for businesses, but it will also help increase repeat customers, purchases, and positive reviews online, helping to elevate a business’s local listing placement and SEO. to provide even more leads and sales. Businesses can also start a group chat, allowing cross-departmental teams to collaborate and help visitors online. This chat functionality gives customer service and support teams flexibility to handle incoming online chats.

“Our unique all-in-one digital marketing technology makes every step of the digital marketing process more efficient and easier to implement and manage so that users can improve their search engine rankings and maximize brand awareness, website traffic, leads, and revenue., “said Robert blankenship, Founder and CEO of WebFindYou. “Every new component we develop aims to simplify digital marketing and maximize leads and sales, and this new live chat feature does just that, allowing companies to stand out from the competition.”

Before launching the live chat feature, WebFindYou provided its customers with a fully simulated chat component for their websites. If preferred, depending on the needs and amount of operational support, companies can still choose to use only mock chat for communication, as well as offline chat where users can leave a message after hours or when the staff is not available.

Businesses also have the option of setting up pre-defined messages and responses that chat agents can easily use at the click of a button, allowing businesses to outsource their chat management to customer service centers with the confidence of knowing that your responses will be handled correctly.

In addition to the new live chat feature, WebFindYou is currently integrating a chatbot feature that will allow businesses to provide the power of chat but within a hybrid model. A chatbot can initiate the interaction with the customer and, if necessary, it will introduce itself to a real human being. In this way, companies can always ensure that they are minimizing required operational support while maximizing conversions through chatbots without sacrificing user experience and customer satisfaction.

For more information on WebFindYou’s live chat feature and other exciting updates, visit https://www.webfindyou.com/news-and-blog/. For more information on purchasing WebFindYou technology, visit https://www.webfindyou.com/ or call toll free at 866-SEO-WEBS or directly at (786) 347-2770.

About WebFindYou
Founded in 2009 by Robert blankenship, WebFindYou is the first and only company that offers everything you need to implement True Digital Marketing within a single integrated technology, strategically designed and programmed from the ground up, designed to help companies maximize the power of the Internet. Its unique all-in-one digital marketing technology, which is not available from any other company, is the key to maximizing revenue through SEO, PPC, and digital marketing. You will no longer need different providers for search engine optimization, online reviews, email marketing, pay per click (PPC), social media management, data tracking, etc. With WebFindYou, you have access to a single integrated technology that makes each step more efficient and easier to implement and manage so you can improve your search engine rankings and maximize brand awareness, website traffic, potential customers and income. All of this can be done with less hassle, reduced costs, and higher revenue.

Since its founding, WebFindYou has created success stories for hundreds of companies in the US and Latin American markets. Today, they have an established international presence with clients around the world and have offices in the US. chili Y Colombia.

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