What are the different types of SEO in digital marketing?

Search engine optimization is a very popular term these days. In the rapidly expanding world of digital, information on the web is growing rapidly. This information is available to us as websites. And the owners of these websites strive for greater reach and a larger audience. SEO enters here. Search engine optimization is a process of increasing your website’s ranking on a Google search web page. This process mainly involves the implementation of the necessary keywords in the content of the website. However, SEO is often about much more than keywords and content. You can contact various services that offer SEO in Brisbane for your website too!

This article aims to educate you more about SEO and its processes. Here we will talk about seven variants of SEO as seen in digital marketing today.

White hat SEO

White hat SEO techniques are as follows Google search engine guidelines. It may take some time to show results, but they are safe and reliable techniques. Following white hat SEO techniques creates a positive image around your brand. This process gives you the assurance that you rarely face a ban in the event of an algorithm change. These techniques include extensive keyword research and inclusion of relevant links in your content. Agencies that provide SEO in Brisbane stick to this method.

Black hat SEO

As the name suggests, this technical SEO is the exact opposite of the previous one. In Black-hat, we found loopholes in the algorithm to hack search rankings and appear higher on the list. This technique does not follow the guidelines and resorts to more spammy methods. This is a high-risk method that can blacklist your site. These methods are the best in the short term.

Gray hat SEO

The techniques of the gray hat are situated between the white hat and the black hat. These techniques are popular with SEO agencies and are used to show quick results. These methods are not explicitly prohibited, but their use can cast a negative light on your website. Various agencies provide SEO in Brisbane that they strictly abstain from these practices.

Negative SEO

This type of SEO is the most frowned upon in the world of digital marketing. This approach proceeds to make your competitors’ reach suffer so that you can reap your success. This process involves hacking into the websites of others and putting spam or malicious content on them to lower their rankings. This is possibly the least ethical optimization method. Employing this can have legal consequences.

SEO on page

This optimization method involves all the steps you take while building your website to deliver the best content to your audience. This SEO method requires a high degree of technical knowledge rooted in web development. Includes the inclusion of meta tags in the right places to allow search bots to understand your content, use the correct headings, and have a clean URL, etc.

SEO technology

Technological SEO or technical SEO largely involves the work you do on your source code to make your page more accessible to Google bots. These are XML sitemaps, mobile optimized pages, and structured data to facilitate the process of ranking and ranking your web page.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO includes all the activities you do outside of your website content to increase your reach. This part of SEO has a lot to do with promotions and social media marketing.


Now that you know all these types of SEO, you can make better decisions for your project or website. It is important to choose the correct type that suits your needs. However, the most important thing is to adhere to the guidelines and refrain from unethical practices.

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