What does The Trade Desk have in store for Indian traders?

The drum speaks to him Tejinder Gill, the recently appointed General Manager of The Trade Desk, India, on the global technology company’s plans to increase its presence in India and its playbook for Indian marketers.

Trade Desk recently launched its operations in India. The USP of The Trade Desk is that it functions as an omnichannel platform that allows marketers to reach relevant audiences across different devices and interact with them throughout their entire digital journey. As digital consumption has multiplied in the post-pandemic world, companies are looking at markets like India with a renewed consumer outlook.

The company’s journey to India has just begun, shares Tejinder Gill, General Manager of The Trade Desk, India, in an exclusive talk with The Drum on the relevance of the platform for marketers in India. Gill has previously worked at tech companies like LinkedIn and Truecaller.

Immediately after the India launch, the company also unveiled its revamped platform which Solimar recently called the “largest launch” in The Trade Desk’s history. “Solimar is rolling out so marketers can take full advantage of those opportunities on the open Internet,” says Jeff Green, co-founder and CEO of The Trade Desk at the launch.

Open Internet, Fenced Gardens, and the Future of Marketing in India

When it comes to allocating ad budgets, Indian advertisers tend to invest in search and social media channels with which they are most familiar.

Gill says, “While these channels tend to be user-friendly and massive in scale, the fastest growing parts of the internet, however, are on the open internet, which includes OTT, streaming audio, online gaming. , built-in mobile apps just to name a few. “

According to a study by Global Web Index, while online content and OTT streaming grew by 28% and 16% respectively, social media grew by just 1%.

The interesting piece here is that even though Indian consumers spend 70% of their time on the open internet, almost 80% of India’s digital ad revenue still goes to big tech platforms, which are off the open internet. Trade Desk aims to help Indian digital marketers seize these fast-growing opportunities on the thriving open internet, Gill adds.

Trade Desk USP: “be platform independent”

“The Board of Trade only represents advertisers and that allows us to be objective in evaluating and measuring marketing opportunities,” says Gill, when asked about the key USP of the offering. The company has always had this unique approach because it believes there is a fundamental conflict of interest when choosing to represent both buyer and seller, he adds.

Now is the time to get marketers to help you make the right decisions

Trade Desk plans to assist marketers by implementing the company’s cloud-based platform, where they can access an open internet premium ad inventory marketplace and reach relevant audiences through different devices (including computers). , mobile devices, tablets and connected TV). . They can participate in meaningful ways throughout their entire digital journey, shares Gill.

With the official launch in India, the brand is fully committed to the business, says Gill, and while the situation on the ground is fluid, it claims to be focused on raising awareness and connecting marketers with fast-growing opportunities in the market. thriving open internet. according to Gill.

Navigating the challenges of the Indian market

The Indian market has seen exponential growth in open internet targeted digital segments such as OTT, internet advertising, online games, music and podcasts, leading brands and marketers to adopt programmatics faster, and which gives them access to premium inventory, metering, and targeted advertising using data-driven marketing.

However, according to Gill, one of the key challenges is conveying the benefits and workings of programmatic advertising to marketers while driving wider adoption of it.

“The programmatic buying market for ad campaigns is still evolving in India, and marketers and agencies are beginning to really appreciate the benefits of the open internet and programmatic advertising,” he adds.

Task as First Employee of The Trade Desk in India

Gill has his task cut short as the first employee of The Trade Desk in India. It includes “strengthening global relationships with the company’s clients and partners, spearheading the expansion of the programmatic in the organization landscape and ensuring strong visibility and market share for The Trade Desk through effective marketing strategies for advertisers, agencies and clients “.

The learning from his stint at Stockholm-based ad tech company Truecaller is that “people love a great product that can solve a problem for them” has led him to work with The Trade Desk. He hopes to “simplify the world of digital advertising for markets with the solutions we offer.”


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